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Professional Education: Agile for Business

Agile methodologies enable businesses to focus on value in their product development, building the right product faster and more efficiently. How is this done? How does it affect the business? An agile approach impacts the entire organization, and management buy-in and understanding is critical for its success. In this course, we discuss these issues with the help of industry experts.

Target group

This course is for product managers, project managers, executives, and engineering managers in organizations that have already made, or are about to make, the transition to agile product and service development.


The course is organized into three modules. The initial module will focus agile product development. Module two will cover agile approaches in other functional areas of the organization; specifically, user experience and marketing. The third module will take a step back and look at the agile enterprise - what is an agile enterprise and how can one become one?

The course will specifically explore key aspects related to the following questions:

  • What is agile product development, where does it stem from, and why has it become so prevalent?
  • How can an agile approach be effectively applied to functional areas outside of product development?
  • Why does the whole organization need to become agile? What are the characteristics of an agile enterprise? How does one become an agile enterprise?

Practical information

All materials will be accessible online, with three onsite workshops with industry experts sharing real-life insights. The course will be delivered in a flexible manner to facilitate the combination of course work with your ongoing professional commitments.

The total effort to pass this course is typically around 80 hours.

Teaching language: English

The course is free and gives 3 credits.

Entry requirements

The basic eligibility for this course is a Bachelor degree. Candidates with relevant work experience are also invited to apply. Two years of relevant work experience is considered equivalent to one year of university studies at the Bachelor level.