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Professional Education: Applied Machine learning

In the modern IT world, businesses often have access to large amounts of data collected from customer management systems, web services, customer interaction, etc. The data in itself does not bring value to the business; we must bring meaning to the data to create value. Data mining and machine learning is an area within computer science with the goal of bringing meaning to and learning from data.

This course will focus on applied machine learning, where we learn what algorithms and approaches to apply on different types of data.

Target group

This course is for experienced developers working in the industry.


The course includes the following:

  • Supervised learning, different types of data and data processing
  • Algorithms for handling text documents
  • Algorithms for handling data with numerical and categorical attributes
  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning for image recognition

Practical information

All lectures are pre-recorded and accessible online, with two onsite workshops where students learn how to apply state-of-the-art machine learning APIs and libraries on different types of datasets. The course will be delivered in a flexible manner to facilitate the combination of course work with your ongoing professional commitments.

The total effort to pass this course is typically around 80 hours.

Teaching language: English

The course is free and gives 3 credits.

If there's a group of at least 10 students extra courses might start.

Entry requirements

The basic eligibility for this course is a Bachelor degree. Candidates with relevant work experience are also invited to apply. Two years of relevant work experience is considered equivalent to one year of university studies at the Bachelor level.