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Professional Education: Cross Platform Mobile Development

"Write once and run everywhere" makes you able to enter new mobile ecosystems and have a wider user base. Then you need to adopt cross platform mobile development strategies.

Target group

Software developers, software and solution architects, UX/UI designers and other involved in the development and implementation of mobile apps.


The course is organized into three modules. The initial module will focus on Architectural design for mobile landscape. Module two will cover key frameworks for cross platform mobile development. The third module is about designing effective mobile user interfaces.

The course will specifically explore key aspects related to the following topics:

  • Main concepts for cross-platform development approaches of mobile applications
  • Mobile architectures for cross-platform development
  • Current frameworks, such as PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, HTML5, etc.
  • Effective user interfaces

Practical information

All materials will be accessible online, with three onsite workshops with industry experts sharing real-life insights. The course will be delivered in a flexible manner to facilitate the combination of course work with your ongoing professional commitments.

The total effort to pass this course is typically around 115 hours.

Teaching language: English

The course is free and gives 4 credits. 

If there's a group of at least 10 students extra courses might start.

Entry requirements

The basic eligibility for this course is a Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent subject. Candidates with relevant work experience are also invited to apply. Two years of relevant work experience is considered equivalent to one year of university studies at the Bachelor level.