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Skills development within society and welfare

Order a tailor-made education within society and welfare or purchase a ready-made education package. The ready-made education packages are just a small selection of what we in fact have to offer. The packages are meant to offer inspiration for putting together your own tailor-made education – one that corresponds to the needs at your organisation or company.

Increased knowledge and collaboration between academy and society are important ingredients in order to be meet great challenges.

Within the profile area society and welfare we strive to create conditions for the public sector to collaborate with the academy concerning skills management, innovation and development. The societal challenges are about guaranteeing health care, school and care as well as about explaining and spreading knowledge about democratic values and creating an understanding for the exercise of public authority.

Within the area we can offer skills development in questions relating to ethics, anti-corruption and trust, political entrepreneurship and e-health as well as the more classical fields of health care, school and care.

Ready-made education packages

Harmful use, substance abuse and addiction, 2 days
An education that will help you identify needs and offer support based on the national guidelines by the National Board of Health and Welfare.

After the education, the participant will be expected to be able to make an assessment of what measures to take based on the nature of the problem: harmful use, substance abuse or addiction.


  • Screening
  • Mapping instruments, for instance ASI
  • Treatment forms
  • Follow-up

The course is carried out either at Linnaeus University or at your facilities.

Working with unaccompanied refugee children, 4 days
An education about salutogenic approach (health-promoting, KASAM), post-traumatic stress symptom (PTSD), collaboration, legislation about the asylum process, narcotics among young people and the role of staff as leaders.

After the education the course participant will be expected to have knowledge about how to take up a salutogenic approach, how to detect if a young person suffers from PTSD, be familiar with the asylum process, recognise signs of substance abuse and be able to reflect on the commission as staff at a housing facility.


  • KASAM and salutogenic approach
  • Collaboration partners in connection to the young person
  • PTSD, mental illness, narcotics

The course is carried out either at Linnaeus University or at your facilities.

Tailor-made education

Our tailor-made educations always focus on the needs you have in your organisation or company. When we design a tailor-made education it is our task to, together with you, develop and adapt the education in order to meet the challenges and needs you have at your organisation or company.

A tailor-made education can consist of lectures, courses or be a multi-year programme. The education can be offered at one of our campuses, in distance format or in boarding school format. Your decision! You will also take part in decisions concerning the content and structure of the education. Moreover, you get to decide whether the education should generate credits or not.

When you order a tailor-made education from us we always strive to create value for your organisation and to make sure you experience concrete results and lasting improvements. We offer a broad spectrum of knowledge and different skills which can be combined in a number of different ways and it is our hope that you decide to benefit from this.

If you have any questions or are interested in a tailor-made education, do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you more.