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To study at a distance is different from on-campus teaching. To study a programme or course at a distance means, among other things, that to some extent you can plan yourself where and when to study. However, the content of the programme or course is the same regardless of whether it is offered at a distance or on campus. At Linnaeus University, we offer many programmes and courses in distance format.

Perhaps you would like to continue living in your home city but still start studying full-time on a programme? Perhaps you would like to continue working while also obtaining further qualifications? Distance studies can be designed in many different ways, but the common denominator is that much of your studies are carried out via the web. You communicate with your teacher and other students through a digital learning platform with discussion forums, group work, recorded lectures, and video meetings with the help of a web cam.

Web-based courses and programmes are carried out digitally, either without any physical get-togethers or with just a few get-togethers. The advantage of this is the flexibility, which suits students who want to have great freedom and decide themselves when and where to study. However, it is good to keep in mind that compulsory elements, and in some cases also live-streamed lectures, on your course or programme may take place during office hours also when you are studying in distance format.

Courses and programmes offered at local study centres have compulsory get-togethers on location. Students from several different cities meet via video conference to take part in lectures or seminars. The advantage of studying at a local study centre is that you have the opportunity to meet other students on location and get support from the staff at the local study centre.

In case you have any questions concerning how get-togethers or other compulsory elements will be designed, you are always welcome to contact your programme or course coordinator. You will find information on who this person is on the programme/course page here on

Programmes in distance format

We offer a number of programmes that can be studied at a distance. Some programmes that are offered in distance format have compulsory get-togethers, but not all.

Programmes at second-cycle level

Courses in distance format

We offer over 700 distance learning courses. Search out the courses you are interested in via subject in our education search. Search out distance learning course.

How studying at a distance works

When you are studying at a distance, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. On the page Distance studies – how does it work?, we have gathered some practical tips and advice.

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