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Wellbeing Food for Tourism

This online course provides an exploration into the concept of wellbeing food, which encompasses nourishing, healthy, fair, inclusive, beautiful, and environmentally-smart food choices. The course places a particular emphasis on plant-based foods, recognizing their pivotal role in fostering wellbeing. Structured to facilitate the cultivation of wellbeing food practices, the program is tailored for both professional and personal spheres.

It serves as a foundational guide, empowering participants to make informed and conscious decisions concerning the food choices within their businesses or personal diets. With its modular design, the course unfolds over seven modules, providing a flexible learning experience that allows participants to progress at their own pace. Embark on this transformative journey towards a holistic understanding of wellbeing through mindful and sustainable food choices.

Target group:

This course was developed for entrepreneurs in tourism that want to learn more about wellbeing food and plant-based foods, how to start to make offers or improve the quality of their existing offers. However, it is also relevant for individuals that want to learn about wellbeing food and plant-based foods in general, and how to make positive changes in their own food consumption.

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The course is open to everyone, however you need to register for the course to participate.


The course Wellbeing Food for Tourism is a MOOC, Massive Open Online Course. This means that it is open to everyone and you can follow it without registering as a student with us. The advantage is that you can carry out your studies on your own and at your own pace. Read more about MOOC courses.

Common questions

This course is a co-creation between the Linnaeus University and the County Administrative Board in Kalmar, supported by the Tourism Association Vogelparkregion Recknitztal in Germany. It was created within the framework of the EU-project SB WELL. To learn more about this project visit wellbeingtourism.com.