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Swedish courses

Interested in learning Swedish? Below you can find our selection of Swedish courses.

Credit courses

  • 1SV801 Beginner’s Swedish I, 7.5 credits (exchange students only)
  • 1SV802 Beginner’s Swedish II, 7.5 credits (exchange students only)
  • 1SV810 Basic Swedish I, 15 credits
  • 1SV820 Basic Swedish II, 15 credits
  • 1SV830 Intermediate Swedish I, 15 credits
  • 1SV840 Intermediate Swedish II, 15 credits
  • 2SV850 Swedish as a foreign language, qualifying course, 30 credits

You will find more information about the courses, such as course syllabus, entry requirements, duration and study pace, by searching for the course code on our website.

For full-time studies we recommend that you apply for 30 credits. Once you have completed the basic level, the intermediate level and the qualifying course, you will have 90 credits in Swedish as a foreign language, which corresponds to basic eligibility in Swedish for university studies at Linnaeus University.

Are you an exchange student who is interested in studying Swedish alongside other courses? Then we recommend our part-time and evening courses “Beginner’s Swedish”, part I and II. These two courses combined are equivalent with “Basic Swedish I”.


I have some prior knowledge of Swedish. Which course should I apply to?

If you have encountered Swedish before, through your studies or in private life, you might have a higher level of Swedish than the basic course. In that case, you can first perform a self-assessment of your level of proficiency, described in the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR). Email your result to for further guidance on what course to choose.

How do I validate prior non-credit knowledge?

It is possible to validate your language skills if you do not have enough credits in "Swedish as a foreign language". Contact for more information.