Former student at LNU

The Emérita Sixto Lugo Scholarship (ESL)

A scholarship of SEK 15 000 is granted every year to one student (might be subject to change according to the agreement).

Jeronimo first came to Linnaeus University as an exchange student from Mexico. He liked it so much that he later returned to do a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Now, twenty years later, he is back in Växjö again, setting up a grant for Mexican students planning to study at Linnaeus University.


The Emérita Sixto Lugo Scholarship (ESL) has been established to celebrate and remember Jeronimo's grandmother Emérita.

The scholarship is intended to encourage Mexican international students at Linnaeus University to expand their Swedish multicultural experience and to further the multidisciplinarity of their studies. Additional financial resources in the beginning of the semester abroad should facilitate for Mexican international students to gain cultural, academic and personal experience. Both Swedish and Mexican cultures will benefit from this exchange.

Strong biographies are always inspiring, as is Emérita's. Emérita was born in 1922 in Rubillón, a small stone house village in the Galician mountains, where she herded goats and worked the farmland from an early age, with little material and emotional comfort. She later came to work in a tin mine close by. Emérita endured the Spanish Civil War which started in 1936. With only an elementary four years school education, she fled Spain for Mexico during the Franco regime. She reared five children by herself while working with humble housekeeping tasks. All of her children became professionals – amongst them a former Guanajuato University headmaster.  Emérita Sixto Lugo is testament of hard work and honest living, a noble and loving woman who found joy in hardship and moved across cultures from Europe to Mexico. She always kept her hometown heritage close to her, but also embraced Mexico, just like so many others.

Humble lives in our ancestry tend to be forgotten in the mist of normalcy. But they must not be forgotten. They inspire because they faced their everyday challenges – just like we do. Emérita always encouraged and found pride in her family’s academic achievements. She lovingly directed her modest and hard-earned financial resources to help her children attain excellence in education, and this continued into her grandchildren’s generation. She was particulalry eager to make sure that they learned about Europe. Through this scholarship we honour her values and memory.