Student counselling

Study counselling before your studies

If you have any general questions concerning studies and career choice, you are welcome to contact the study counsellors at Linnaeus University!

Are you already a student at Linnaeus University? Read more here about specialised study counselling for the faculty you are studying at.

Do you have questions concerning studies and career choice?

The central study counsellors at Linnaeus University are available to be your professional conversation partner before and during your studies. If you have detailed questions regarding a specific programme or course, please contact the study counsellors at the faculty

You are welcome to contact us in case you:

  • Have general questions about courses and programmes at Linnaeus University
  • Feel uncertain about your choice of studies and career
  • Have general questions about studies at a higher education institution
  • Want to find out if you are qualified for admission and what you should do in order to be admitted to a course or programme
  • Have any other questions

The decision-making always lies with you, and together we work to structure your possibilities based on questions like, for instance:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What is available?
  • How to do it?

Contact us in order to book a personal counselling session. A session is one hour and during this hour your questions will be in focus.

Emma Krig, study counsellor in Växjö

Phone: Most reliable phone hours Monday–Friday 08:30–09:30
Skype: According to agreement
Visiting address: Universitetsplatsen 1 (Building H)

Linda Levin, study counsellor in Växjö
Skype: According to agreement
Visiting address: Universitetsplatsen 1 (Building H)

Kajsmari Engdahl, study counsellor in Kalmar
Phone: Most reliable phone hours Monday–Friday 08:30–09:30
Skype: According to agreement
Visiting address: Falken (ground floor), Nygatan 18 

Do you have detailed questions concerning our courses or programmes?

At each of our faculties there are specialised student counsellors. They have a lot of knowledge about their specific educational field and can provide you with information and counselling concerning the courses and programmes within that field.

Linda Levin

"Be brave and choose with your heart"

To choose what education to study can feel like choosing your entire future working life. How to think and what factors to consider?

Linda Levin, central student counsellor at Linnaeus University, recommends gathering a lot of information before applying, but also points out other things that are important:
"I think that one should be brave and choose with the heart. It can also be wise to have a look at the labour market of the future, both short-term and long-term. Some lines of business are tough in general, so it can be wise to have a strategy already during your studies for how to create the job that you want to have.

Should I study a degree programme or single-subject courses? The answer to this is individual and both alternatives are equally good.
"It depends on what suits you best. You might feel that you want to study with the same group for three years, or you might feel that it's fun to meet new people on a regular basis and want to have a tailor-made education".

Choosing what to study is a process. Linda means that sometimes you may have to be brave and try; even if you are not one hundred percent sure it is the right choice for you.
"My tip is to bandy ideas with a student counsellor. In the end – feel confident that you can only make the decision that feels most right at the time being. You can never know what happens in a year or in three years, so just try to trust yourself concerning what is best for you".