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Student life

Student life has much to offer, and there are plenty of things you can engage yourself in besides your studies. Study-life balance means a great deal in Sweden, you’ll never be short of time or opportunity to enjoy your new home away from home.

We believe in personal growth and encourage our students to explore life and develop interests outside of their studies. If you find joy and fulfillment in your student life, you will gain extra energy for your studies, and it is not difficult to find something to do. Students are great at organizing fun-filled activities such as events, competitions, parties, concerts, and trips.

The importance of study-life balance.

What's it like to study in Sweden? Our students show you what Swedish student life entails.

The buddy program

The buddy program matches international students with (mostly Swedish) students. The buddies help the international students with day-to-day questions, introducing them to Swedish culture and way of life as well as what it is like being a student at Linnaeus University.

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Student Union and Associations

The student union and associations are also doing their best to make you feel at home. Take the opportunity to get involved in the student union or other extra-curricular activities. Besides gaining valuable skills and experiences it’s a great way to make new friends!

Many student organisations and clubs at the university offer a wide range of leisure activities for students.

Linnaeus Union works to ensure that you receive the best possible education but also offers enjoyable activities on the side of your studies.

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is the largest student organisation in Europe. All students are welcome to join, both international and national. The ESN sections at Linnaeus University are ESN Kalmar and ESN Växjö. Both sections organise local events such as barbecues, sports activities, and theme nights with typical Swedish traditions represented, as well as trips within and outside Sweden.

There are around 70 student associations at Linnaeus University, where you as a student can participate in a range of activities. Check out the student associations.

Student life at Linnaeus University

Leisure activities in Kalmar and Växjö

Both Kalmar and Växjö offer plenty of activities to get involved in on your spare time.

Besides access to endless nature where you can go for a walk, run, or bike, Sweden is full of culture.  In the cities, there is theatre and dance, music, exhibitions, and other cultural activities and associations.

If you’re interested in sports and physical activity, you have many options. The cities have several sports centres that offer activities such as swimming, climbing, gyms, racket and ball sports, just to give a few examples.


One activity that is really popular among students on Växjö campus is cricket. It’s a fun activity where you are active and hang out with friends at the same time. Växjö also has its own club, Växjö Cricket Club, that takes part in tournaments and play games throughout the country. The season for cricket is May–September, when you can play outdoors. In the winter you practice indoors for the next season.

“Linnaeus University is not only a place where you acquire knowledge, it also delivers excellent prospects for students to embrace. Campus life is truly unique!”, says Prashanth, student and member of Växjö Cricket Club.

Students playing cricket at campus in Växjö