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Recognition of prior learning

If you want to have your competencies recognized and documented you can apply to have your knowledge and qualifications validated.

What is validation about? – Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning means the mapping out and assessment of an individual's competence and qualifications, regardless of how, where and when these have been acquired – through the formal education system in Sweden or abroad, just recently or a long time ago.

When carrying out a validation, the knowledge and experience of an individual is compared to the objectives stated for a subject, course or programme. The aim is to make an assessment of what parts can be given credit for, alternatively what parts are missing, in order to highlight what supplementary examination is to be taken.

Who can apply?

  • If you are interested in studying at Linnaeus University
  • If you have a foreign education and wish to complement it for the Swedish labour market
  • If you are are determined to climb the ladder at your workplace
  • If you have experience but no formal certificate

What's the purpose?

  • You receive formal proof of your skills
  • You can start your studies at the right level
  • You have the possibility to shorten the time of your study
  • You can gain your competitiveness at the labour market
  • You can increase your ability to work in your area of ​​competence

If you are interested in validation, contact Linda Leonhardt, in charge of Validation of Actual Competence, Office of Student Affairs.

The network for recognition of prior learning within higher education

Together we can develop the work and the future methods for recognition of prior learning within higher education, that is to say, the assessment of formal, non-formal and informal learning. We also need to bring clarity to the concepts and make sure that we are consistent in our use of them.