Linnaeus University Centre for Ecology and Evolution in Microbial model Systems (EEMiS)

EEMiS is a centre for research excellence studying ecological and evolutionary interactions from land to sea. With research expertise covering the entire Baltic Sea food chain from the smallest microorganisms to fish and birds, EEMiS forms Linnaeus University's largest research centre.

Our research

The Baltic Sea is a vulnerable environment which is strongly affected by human activities in the surrounding countries.

Even if the researchers focus on a specific aquatic system, it is basically not very different from other aquatic ecosystems. The processes behind the interaction between organisms and the large-scale consequences they may have on an ecosystem's function are roughly the same. By studying the Baltic Sea, the researchers arer able to contribute with results and knowledge of global significance.

Research groups

At Linnaeus University Centre for Ecology and Evolution in Microbial Model Systems (EEMiS) seven research groups investigates how microorganisms interact with each other and with other organisms in their environment.

Research projects



EEMiS consists of around sixty co-workers. These include students, PhD students, specialist and laboratory technician, communication officer, postdocs and principal investigators.