The University Library

Questions about information retrieval and library services. Monday-Friday 10 am -3 pm
Questions about academic writing, oral presentations and study skills.
Opening hours

Monday-Thursday 8 am-10 pm (Kalmar: self-service opening hours 8 pm-10 pm, Lnu swipe card required)
Friday 8 am-6 pm
Saturday-Sunday 8 am-5 pm (self-service opening hours 8 am-12 noon, Lnu swipe card required)


Monday-Friday 8 am -10 am there will be no staff in the information desk.


Irregular opening hours


Here you will find answers to common questions related to Lnu swipe card, loans, loan accounts etc.

In your subject guide you will find a selection of databases and other information resources within your subject. It also contains videos and links to other texts that can help you search, assess and use information.

The Academic Support Centre offers advice on academic writing for students at Linnaeus University. We also offer tips and support for oral presentations and study

If you are a student with a reading disability, such as dyslexia, ADHD or visual impairment, you have the right to borrow talking books, braille books or e-text.

The University Library buys e-books from several different suppliers. Loan periods and printing regulations may vary from one e-book to another, depending on the supplier.

If you are studying at a distance course or program at Linnaeus University, the University Library creates ample opportunities to borrow material and to search for information.

Video - Welcome to the University Library