Publish in DiVA

Students and researchers at the Linnaeus University use DiVA to register their publications. DiVA, or as it can be called in English; the Academic Archive Online, is a joint service for publications from many Swedish universities and organisations.

Search publications from Linnaeus University in DiVA

Publish your thesis in DiVA

Students who want to publish their completed thesis after their examiner's approval, go to Publish your thesis in DiVA.

Your published thesis will also be visible in for example

If you have any questions about your published thesis, or need help with publishing, contact the DiVA-administrator at your department.

If your DiVA administrator is unavailable, you are welcome to contact the University Library’s DiVA support.

Publish your research in DiVA

University staff members who want to publish and/or register their publications are kindly referred to the staff website, DiVA – Publish and Register.

If you need help publishing and/or registering your research in DiVA, please contact