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Writing and referencing

University studies require a large number of written assignments. Home exams, papers, reports and essays are examples of different types of written assignments you may encounter as a student.
In these pages you will find advice on academic writing and referencing, as well as information on tools that may assist you in your studies.

Academic writing

Academic Writing has its own set of guidelines. In order for you to succeed in your studies you need to familiarize yourself with these. You will find some basic guidelines for academic writing on this page.

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Referencing is an important aspect in academic texts. There are many different referencing systems to choose from. We have listed guides and manuals for the systems most commonly used at Swedish universities, along with information on copyright law and how to use other people's work without plagiarizing.

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Study skills

Many students find that studying at university is very different then studying in high school and the transition can sometimes feel overwhelming. Learning good study habits early on is imperative for academic success. At the Academic Support Centre we want to see you succeed in your studies and have listed a few important skills that will help you become more efficient and active in your learning.

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Academic Support Centre

The Academic Support Centre offers advice on academic writing for students at Linnaeus University. You can contact us anytime during the writing process, from the prewriting stage to the final draft.

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For more information and tips on academic writing, please visit the Writing guide. WritingGuide