How a tutoring session works

Before a tutoring session

Use a spellcheck program to correct minor spelling mistakes. Read through your paper carefully and think about what you feel you need the most help with. It is helpful for us if you send us the assignment instructions before we meet. Also, we suggest you go through our checklist for academic writing before the tutoring session.

During the tutoring session

The tutoring session can take up to one hour. Usually we only have enough time to work with a few pages of the paper so carefully choose what part you want to work on the most. During our meeting we will look together at the parts of the text you want help with and discuss the questions you have brought with you. Some frequently discussed topics include:

  • interpreting the assignment
  • planning the writing process
  • finding a structure that suits the task
  • how to reference properly
  • finding a tone and style that aligns with academic standards
  • avoiding plagiarism.

Please note that we do not proofread your papers.

After a tutoring session

Take the feedback and examples you have received during the tutoring session to improve your text. If you feel you need another tutoring session you can book a new appointment through our online booking form.