Academic writing

Academic writing is an essential part of university studies and is an important part of the learning process. Through writing you process what you have heard and read and it gives you the possibility to develop your academic skills such as critical thinking and the ability to analyze. Writing is also used as a tool to demonstrate knowledge and skills and is used as part of the assessment process at university. Moreover, writing academic texts allows you to contribute to the academic community.

Academic writing has its own set of guidelines characterized by objectivity, explicitness and formality. This means that an academic text should be based on facts and research and not the writer’s own opinions. When writing academically you are expected to critically analyze the subject matter while taking previous research into account. All of this is reflected in the language. Academic writing also comes with requirements concerning structure, references and citation.

On these pages you will find guidelines and tips for academic writing. They have been developed particularly for non-native writers of English at university. Note that the advice is general. Always check with your department concerning subject-specific requirements.

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