Students studying

Group study rooms and student work places

A large number of student work places are situated throughout the library. For instance, there are individual work places, some of which are equipped with computers, quiet study areas, and group study rooms. Some of the group study rooms are bookable.

  • Groups have priority over individual students. Individual students are referred to the open reading areas and the quiet reading rooms.
  • Group rooms can be booked up to 7 days in advance and for a maximum of 6 hours during the immediate one week period.
  • Please cancel your booking if you do not intend to use it.
  • If a room is vacant 15 minutes after booked time the room becomes available for other groups.

Book a group study room

The easiest way to book is by using the graphic booking function in TimeEdit. (Scroll down for detailed instructions.)


Check the map of the University Library in Kalmar to see where the different types of work places are situated. The names of the bookable group study rooms start with UB and end with a K (UB231K).

Timetable for group study rooms in Kalmar

You can even book a work place in "Röda rummet" on level 2. Some of these are equipped with a TV monitor and a whiteboard. In TimeEdit you can see how the work places are equipped. They are marked as work places to separate them from our group rooms.


Timetable for group study rooms in Växjö

Bookable group study rooms are on floor 0 and 3.

Classrooms / Lecture rooms

If you are taking a course in information retrieval at the University Library, the teaching will often take place in the library classrooms or lecture rooms.


The classrooms are situated on the upper floor. The map shows the location of rooms UB297 and UB298B.


The teaching room UB3009 is situated on level 3 and Alexandria on level 0.