Reservation request - open lecture or presentation at OmniSpace

Request for an open lecture via the form below, please read our guidelines before submitting your request.

The booking request can be made by staff, such as researchers, teachers and other staff, as well as students and acknowledged student organizations associated with Linnaeus University. The content should be linked to Linnaeus University. We recommend that the lecture is about 20-30 minutes.

After submitting your booking request, you will be contacted by the University Library to confirm the opportunity to meet your request. Reservations must be made at least two weeks before the desired date. Please note that you need to be in place about 20 minutes before the scheduled time of your presentation / lecture to access the equipment and get technical support.

The OmniSpace screen is active during the library's open hours. However, the screen is not active or available for booking for a few weeks during the summer (weeks 51-2 and 24-35).

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Other requests

If you have other needs for any peripherals, you will have to procure and be responsible for yourself. For example, tables, display screens, or camera equipment, etc.

Consent - GDPR

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