students in the University Library in Växjö

Self-service opening hours

The library will be open to current students and faculty with an LNU card during our self-service opening hours. You may search for literature as well as borrow and return books.

This is how it works

Everyone with an Lnu swipe card (students and staff) may use the University Library during the Library's opening hours. In order to enter the building during self-service opening hours you have to swipe your card in the card reader at the library entrance and enter your code.

Remember to swipe your card every time you enter the library during self-service opening hours. This is to ensure the safety of yourself and others but also to make sure that we collect the correct statistics of the number of visitors to the library when it is "closed". This is important for our evaluation of the need for self-service opening hours. Do not let in anyone else, regardless of whether they have their own swipe card or not! All visits will be logged.  

Swipe card

You order your card via the web.

But what if something goes wrong?

For minor problems

(no toilet paper, cannot find the book, etc.)
Please email us at We will handle the problem during our regular opening hours.

Are the self-service machines out of order?

Please wait and borrow the book another day.

leave the book in the return box outside the library entrance.

To report a building emergency

Växjö: Videum's on-call emergency service, 0470-79 32 38

To contact security

Kalmar: 010-470 52 59
Växjö: 010-470 52 49