Students in the University Library in Växjö

Study environment

What do you need for your studies today? Do you want to sit in a silent area? Does your study group need to use a screen? Would you like to use a stationary computer? Are you studying for an exam with a friend?

The University Library offers various types of student workspaces and activity zones to help you find the right study environment.

Library study zones

The library is divided into three study zones and a zone for taking breaks. The study zones are organized to accommodate the unique needs of our users. Here is a description of each zone:

  • Silent zone (blue)- is designed for silent individual study. No talking or noise in this area.
  • Quiet Zone (green)- is designed for quiet conversation and collaboration.
  • Social Zone (red)- is designed for group work and collaboration. Interaction and meetings can take place here.

Need a break from your studies?  Try the pause zone (orange) where you can take a break and relax from your studies.

This map shows the study zones at the library in Växjö

Lunch break

When you take a lunch break you may hold your workspace for up to one hour using the library parking discs.

Library parking discs

  • You may hold your spot for up to one hour. After one hour the workspace becomes available to others.
  • The library is not responsible for any personal belongings.
  • Please return the parking disc where you picked it up.

Student kitchenettes

In Växjö student kitchenettes are situated in houses B, F, J, K, M and N. Here you can warm up and eat your own food, as well as find refrigerators for food storage.

Storage lockers

Do you need somewhere to store your belongings when you take a break? The library has storage lockers available for use during our regular opening hours.

The lockers are in the basement. The keys are in the locks and you deposit SEK 10 to use a locker.

MAP (lockers Växjö | MAP (lockers Kalmar)

Group rooms and student workspaces

On account of the coronavirus you can only book a group room at the Library during the University Library opening hours, and please observe that only half of the seats are allowed in each group room.

A large number of student workspaces are situated throughout the library. For instance, there are individual workspaces, some of which are equipped with computers, silent study areas and group rooms. Some of the group rooms and workspaces are bookable.

MAP (Group study rooms, Växjö) | MAP (Group study rooms, Kalmar) 

Book a group room 

  • The group rooms are intended for group work.
  • Group rooms can be booked up to 7 days in advance and for a maximum of 6 hours during the immediate one week period.
  • Please cancel your booking if you do not intend to use it.

Timetable for group rooms in VäxjöTimetable for group rooms in Kalmar

Book a group room

The easiest way to book is by using the graphic booking function. Scroll down for detailed instructions.


Library teaching sessions usually take place in the library classrooms.

The classrooms are situated on the upper floor. The map shows the locations of rooms UB297 and UB298B.

The teaching room UB3009 is situated on the third floor and Alexandria is in the basement.

Use of computers

Please use the University Library computers in accordance with Linnaeus University regulations on the usage of computers, networks and system resources and SUNET's acceptable use policy and code of ethics.

A pleasant study environment

The comfort of the library is our mutual responsibility. Please leave your workspace the way you would like to find it yourself.

Individuals who severely disturb library activities, for example by behaving in an insulting, discriminating or otherwise offensive manner, may be expelled from the library immediately.