The University Library's distance service

If you are studying at a distance course or programme at Linnaeus University, the University Library provides ample opportunities to search for information, access e-resources and borrow literature.

Apply for distance service

If you are registered on a distance course at Linnaeus University, you can order printed books and articles and have them sent to your home address if you live within the Nordic region but outside the municipalities of Kalmar and Växjö. The library is responsible for the cost of mailing the books to your address, but you pay for the return postage yourself.

To access this service, you need to apply for the library's distance service (this applies also if you already have a library account).

Contact if you have any questions or need to extend the validity of your account.

Ordering books and articles

You order books directly from OneSearch, the University Library's all-in-one search service which includes the library catalogue and most of our databases. Search for the book and click on "Order/queue". Then select "Personal delivery". If the book is on loan, you can choose to queue for it.

Read more about loan periods and regulations. 

If you need an article from one of the library's printed journals, we can send you a copy. Order by searching for the journal in OneSearch. Once you have logged in, you can use a form to specify which article you need.

Borrowing from other libraries

Please note that you must be able to pick up books borrowed from other libraries yourself at the library in Kalmar or Växjö. These books can not be sent to your home address. Another option is to contact your local library and ask them to help you.

Copies of articles that we order from other libraries can be sent to you for a fee. You find the form to order article copies here:  Interlibrary loan - order article copy.

Read more about interlibrary loans.

E-books and other digital material

As a student at Linnaeus University, you can access databases, e-books, and other digital resources by logging in with your Lnu account.