Headphones attached to some books

Reading disability

If you have reading difficulties due to a disability and need access to talking books please fill in the application form and we will contact you.

If you already have a Legimus account we can help you transfer it to the Linnaeus University Library.

Order production of a talking book

If you cannot find a mandatory course book in Legimus, you can order a  production of it. Please fill in as much information about the book as you can.

Please contact us by e-mail if you are unable to use the form: funka.kalmar.ub@lnu.se or funka.vaxjo.ub@lnu.se.

Support software

Linnaeus University Library can offer all students a range of support software, for example synthetic speechprograms. Read more here: Support software.

Library Accessibility

At Linnaeus University Library you can find a range of learning spaces. There are quiet study rooms and bookable group study rooms, open study spaces and individual study spaces. Some desks are height adjustable. All computers have support software installed. You can borrow headsets at the information desk and at Infocenter in Stella.

Contacts at the University Library


Louise Magnusson                             
E-post: funka.kalmar.ub@lnu.se

Karolina Bruze
E-post: funka.kalmar.ub@lnu.se


Ann-Helén Erliksson
E-post: funka.vaxjo.ub@lnu.se

Birgitta Ekstrand
E-post: funka.vaxjo.ub@lnu.se