Studying with a disability

Adapted course literature for students with reading disabilities

If you have a reading disability such as dyslexia, ADHD or visual impairment, you have the possibility of downloading, reading or borrowing talking books, braille books or e-text from MTM’s digital library Legimus. In order to be registered as an eligible borrower of talking books you have to visit one of the library’s contacts.

You may read talking books on a computer, smartphone or tablet. If you are unable to download talking books yourself, the library may assist you.

If you are studying a college or university program or a base year program, and you are an eligible borrower of talking books, you have the possibility of ordering new productions of mandatory course literature. A contact person from the University Library will help you order from MTM. Keep in mind to order in time as the production of new talking books takes between 6-12 weeks. 

Order new production of audiobooks

Linguistic support software

At Linnaeus University linguistic support software is available to students with different types of writing and reading disabilities. This software may be installed on the university computers but is also available for download and use on private computers during your period of study. Read more about the linguistic support software here. 

Library accessibility

Some computer work spaces are equipped with height adjustable desks and screen magnification software. Our linguistic support software is available on all computers and headphones may be borrowed with your library card/library account at the information desk. The library has different sound environments: quiet reading rooms, bookable group study rooms, individual works spaces and open study environments.

Contacts at the University Library


Louise Magnusson                             

Gunnel Persson


Ann-Helén Erliksson

Helen Ljungryd