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Support software

Linnaeus University offers all students as well as staff members to freely download and use a number of support programs. They include synthetic speech software that can help you read any type of text. Also, the software can assist you with spelling and grammar check.

Further down the page you will find information on how to download Skolon. Also look at FAQ at Serviceportalen.

Claro Read Plus

ClaroRead Plus is a complete TTS program (Text-to-Speech). It allows you to read all types of texts on the screen with the aid of synthetic speech. The program is equipped with a built-in OCR-tool that enable you to read all sorts of text files, even locked PDFs. ClaroRead Plus also has several other functions, including basic spell-check, word prediction and visual aids. You can even record texts in MP3-format.

Note: ClaroRead Plus is adapted for Swedish speaking users by default, but you can easily change the language in all menus following the steps in this guide.


SpellRight is an advanced spelling corrector in English. It is adapted to be used in Microsoft Word.


The software is downloaded via the portal Skolon. To access the programs you need an account, which you can receive by filling out this form

Contact if you encounter problems or have any questions.

Note that Skolon is only available in Swedish. Keep in mind that some programs are time-limited and you need to update the license key once a year.