The University Library on social media

The University Library on social media

The University Library uses a variety of social media channels to communicate and share information, give advice and display activities and events in a personal manner. The purpose of our presence on social media is mainly to meet our users through the channels that are familiar to them.

We use social media in order to

  • provide transparency and encourage dialogue, participation and cooperation
  • inform about resources and services
  • communicate important information
  • give and receive advice and ideas
  • inspire to new ways of searching for, evaluating and using information as well as developing academic writing
  • reinforce the image of the University and the University Library
  • reach a large number of people independent of time and place
  • develop relations, exchange experiences and create trend awareness
  • show who we are, create opportunity for dialogue and respond to any criticism.


Visit us on Facebook

We use Facebook to publish information about the library, such as information about our resources, events and irregular opening hours. Facebook is considered a broad channel through which we can share advice and communicate with our students about topics that may interest them. The tone can be light. Most of our posts on Facebook are geared towards students but even to some extent towards our other followers. 


Follow our staff on Instagram

By publishing photos/videos on Instagram we show what it is like to work at the University Library or to be a student at the library. We often show pictures and videos from behind the scenes, such as meetings, conferences and other settings that we do not usually display on our other social media channels.