Distance meeting

Drop-in and tutoring

The Library offers guidance throughout your studies. Welcome to discover, explore and develop your academic skills with us.

At the University Library, your learning is at the centre. Come meet us and develop your academic literacy skills. You will learn about information retrieval, source evaluation, reading strategies, academic writing and oral presentation and seminar skills. Have a look at our activities this semester below. 


Drop-in is closed for the summer from June 2.

Tuesdays in the library 12:00-1:30 pm. 

Thursdays on Zoom 12:00-1:30 pm, https://lnu-se.zoom.us/j/65270392090

We are available to consult on search strategies, finding scientific sources and referencing (only Thursdays). 

Drop-in is a student-active format, meaning that you bring questions and topics with you that you would like to discuss. You need to activate your microphone and camera when you enter the Zoom drop-in meeting room. We each meet with one student at a time and you will be placed in a queue until we are available. 

Research & Assignment Support

Every Tuesday during the semester we offer Assignment Support. You can bring an assignment you are working on, and we are available to help answer questions and discuss your assignment with you. You don’t need to sign-up – just show up!

Time and place: Every Tuesday at 10-12 at the University Library in Kalmar (St2009) and Växjö (Alexandria).

Book individual consultation

The Academic Skills Centre offer individual guidance on study skills, academic writing and oral presentation skills. Please book a Zoom consultation below and we will send out the link ahead of time. 

Book a librarian

Book an librarian is closed for the summer from 3 July - 23 August.

If you need tutoring in searching for information you can book a librarian. Booking a librarian is an option if you have already searched for information on your own but have encountered problems and need help to proceed.

Book a librarian