Checklist for Linnaeus University Dissertations Series

In the checklist below, we have compiled the most important points to consider regarding production of a PhD disseration. Please note that the production described below, is planned in order to have printed books three weeks before the public defence, in time for the public notification. If you require books earlier than that, the production time need to be adjusted accordingly.

As early as possible

Download the dissertation template further down on this page. In monographs, the whole text should be included in the outline/template; in compilation dissertations only the extended summary (kappa) should be included, together with full versions of pdf files from the original articles.

Approximately 7 weeks prior to the defence

Send the following information to Lnu Press:

  • the title of dissertation in Swedish and English
  • abstract with keywords (300-350 words)
  • cover picture if so desired (in print quality, 300 dpi. Please note that the picture frame is in landscape)
  • back cover text if so desired (approx. 200 words)

Lnu Press needs the above information in order to produce the cover, forewords and postscript. Lnu Press will adopt a series number and ISBN number for your dissertation.

Approximately 6 weeks before the public defence

  • e-mail the body matter, ready for print, to Lnu Press (, made in accordance with the outlines/templates and saved as a pdf file. Articles in compilation dissertations can be sent as separate pdf files.
  • let Lnu Press know the size of the edition. 20 copies will be sent out as a standard dispatch to academic libraries etc. Please also advise which street address the printed books should be sent to.

2-3 days after the material has gone to the printers, the author will receive a printed proof copy for approval

  • any subsequent changes should be made in the original files and new pdf files should be sent via Lnu Press to the printers. Any changes in the cover, foreword, postscript etc will be made by Lnu Press.
  • the printers will confirm the changes with a digital proof in pdf format. When the author has given approval, the dissertation will be printed. Printing normally takes approximately 2 working weeks.

Approximately 4 weeks before the defence

  • the proof of the notification of submission of public defence (spikblad) will arrive from Lnu Press

3 weeks before the defence

  • the dissertation will be notified at least three weeks before the public defence, in Kalmar or Växjö and electronically through registration in DiVA. Each department is responsible for the arrangement of the notification. The PhD student is responsible for the registration in DiVA. Contact Lnu Press to get the print file in pdf format for full text publishing in DiVA. For compilation dissertations, publish the kappa only, link to the included articles.
  • 20 copies of the dissertation to Lnu Press for exchange dispatch via the standard list (in Kalmar the dispatch is handled by Jan Rehnman, University Library)


Questions regarding printing of dissertation:
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