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Time to write your thesis?

In all academic programs, you will eventually write a thesis. In some subjects, you will write a B- and C-thesis and degree project and in other subjects, you will only write a degree project. When you write your thesis, you will implement the knowledge that you have learned in your university studies, i.e. academic writing and critical thinking, by conducting your own independent study. At first, it might feel overwhelming to write a thesis but remember that each course you have taken has contained different elements where you have practiced your abilities to do this.

Writing a thesis

When writing a thesis, you have to formulate a purpose- a question or a problem that you have to answer by doing your own research. The survey must follow the requirements for the method used and be reported carefully. The same goes for the theoretical perspective you apply to your material. Throughout the thesis, the reader should be able to follow how you reasoned in order to arrive at your results.

If you have written a paper or a report during your previous studies, you will recognize certain components- as papers and reports often have a similar structure to a thesis.

If this is the first time you are writing a thesis, it is good to familiarize yourself with the thesis structure by looking at older theses in different databases. The University Library also has a large selection of books about writing a thesis. You can search for them in the search system OneSearch.