Research Support

The University Library offers support to researchers and doctoral students in matters regarding scholarly publishing, DiVA, bibliometrics, research data, information searching for systematic reviews, and reference management. Our aim is to provide services that are relevant throughout the entire research process.

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This page and its subpages are moving to the Staff site. The new page is called For Researchers and gathers the support for researchers from all of the university's offices in one place.

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We offer support with:

  • Registering and importing
  • Parallel publishing
  • Database queries

DiVA is Linnaeus University's repository of publications and electronic archive. Here you will find both research publications and student theses. Data from DiVA is, for example, used to create lists of publications at the researcher's staff page at, and as a basis for a number of different evaluations.

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We offer:

  • Information and guidance about bibliometrics
  • Delivery of publication statistics and carrying out bibliometrics analysis

Bibliometrics refers to differens quantitative methods used to analyse research publications and citations. Areas to be studied can be cooperation patterns, scholarly impact and productivity. Bibliometrics is often used in research evaluation, but can also be used by the researcher as a tool during the research process.

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Open Access

We offer:

  • Grants from Linnaeus University's reserved assets for open access publishing
  • Guidance when publishing open access
  • Advice about prepaid and discounted publication fees
  • Self-archiving in DiVA
  • Publishing of journals and conference volumes in LnuOpen

Open access (OA) is a form of publishing that is increasing for scholarly publications. Several of Sweden's research funding agencies require open access publishing of findings that they have funded. By publishing your research open access, it is freely available to read, download, and distribute.

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Strategic Publishing

We offer:

  • Guidance when choosing a journal for publishing research results
  • Guidance on researcher identifiers and affiliation

By using a well-thought-out publishing strategy, you can maximize visibility for your publications and increase your chances of being cited. This is beneficial for you, your research group, your institution, and Linnaeus University as the number of publications and citations are used as part of the evaluation process when positions are appointed and research grants are distributed.

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Linnaeus University Press

We offer:

  • Publishing of dissertations and licentiate theses
  • Publishing of anthologies and monographs
  • Publishing of journals and conference volumes in LnuOpen

As an employee at Linnaeus University, you have the opportunity to publish at the university's publishing house, Linnaeus University Press. In addition to dissertations and licentiate theses, Lnu Press publishes journals, conference volumes, festschrifts and commemoratives, anthologies and monographs.

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Research Data

We offer you support with:

  • interpreting guidelines, rights and restrictions available for research data
  • the constructing of Data Management Plans when starting a project or when applying for research funding
  • questions about archiving of research data
  • depositing data and/or making data available in DiVA or any other service

Research data is information collected for the purpose of scientific analysis. It can be measured data, text data, interviews, statistics, survey responses, images, videos, maps etc. The now forming Data Access Unit (DAU) at Linnaeus University can support you with data managing; how data is managed and organized during the research process.

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Seminars, Lectures, and Workshops

Each semester, The University Library offers a number of seminars, lectures, and workshops about scholarly communication. You can participate either in Kalmar or Växjö, but also from your computer via the e-meeting system, Zoom. Registration is not required.

Read more: Seminars, Lectures, and Workshops (in Swedish)

Reference Management

We offer:

  • Support and courses in EndNote
  • Support in Zotero

To facilitate the writing of longer texts, you can use reference management software. There are a number of different applications to choose from, but all help you collect, save, and sort your references. They can also be used together with a word processor to insert references and reference lists directly in your text, and to format them according to the desired referencing system. The University Library offers support and courses in the reference management software EndNote and support in Zotero. For information about courses, software updates and other news about EndNote, you are welcome to join the Staff group EndNote Forum.

Support in EndNote, contact Ingemar Gunnarsson.

Support in Zotero contact Ted Gunnarsson.

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