Laptop with Linnaeus University DiVA screen

Publish and Register your Research in DiVA

As an employee at Linnaeus University, you register and publish your publications and artistic work in DiVA. This is done to get a complete picture of what is published at Linnaeus University, and for use in the annual bibliometric evaluation.

Log in

First, check that the publication you want to register is not already in DiVA. The library may already have imported the publication, or your co-author may have registered it. If it already exists, edit or complete the existing entry instead. Log in to DiVA and choose My publications. If you can't edit the record, please contact

Log in to DiVA here, with your Lnu account.


Remember! Always enter your user name in the field Local User Id to link the publication to your staff page. For more information about arranging your publications on your staff page, see the page Publikationslistor (in Swedish only).

Also, when entering your department, select the department/institution that applied at the publication's date of publishing.

All records (except doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses) will be visible in DiVA immediately, and reviewed by the University Library afterwards. If you uploaded a file, the file will not be published until the record has been reviewed by the University Library.

Publish full text

When you register a publication in DiVA, you also have the option to upload and publish the full text in pdf format, and thereby make it freely available. Always make sure that the publisher allows this before uploading the file.

If you want to upload a file to a record already in DiVA, contact

Remove or edit

You can remove and edit entries in DiVA where you are included as author/contributor. You can do this only if the record has not yet been reviewed by the University Library.

  1. Select Edit / Delete record.
  2. Search for the records that you want to delete/edit.
  3. To delete, click the X to the right of the record in the list of results.
  4. To edit, enter the record, make your changes, select Continue, and eventually Accept.

If you do not see the X, or if you cannot enter the record to edit it, contact for assistance.

Doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses in DiVA

Doctoral dissertations and licentiate theses should be registered in DiVA. This is mandatory and it is the author’s responsibility to do so. The registration must be made at least three weeks before the public defence. For doctoral dissertations, this constitutes the public notification (spikning). We recommend all authors to also upload and publish the full text in DiVA and thus make it freely available. Monographs are to be published in their entirety. For compilation dissertations/theses, the extended summary should be published in full text with links to the full texts of the articles. The entire compilation dissertation/thesis (kappa + articles) should also be uploaded as an archive copy in DiVA (hidden). The full texts must be identical to the printed edition. Contact Lnu Press to get a pdf for full text publication in DiVA.