Publish open access with Springer Compact

Researchers at Linnaeus University are now able to publish their research open access free of charge via Springer Compact.

The Swedish National Library has through the Bibsam consortium (a collaboration between university libraries where Lnu is included) signed an agreement with the scientific publisher Springer that allows researchers from the participating institutions to publish their research open access in 1 600 of the publisher's journals. The agreement is valid from January 2019 to December 2021.

The purpose of the agreement is to accelerate the transition to a more comprehensive open access publishing of research results. The agreement includes read-only access to 2 110 of Springer's journals for staff and students at Linnaeus University, but also allows researchers to publish articles free of charge (without author fees, so-called APC - Author Processing Charge) in journals that offer the option Open Choice. The author does not need to pay a fee in order to make articles openly available, since the cost is covered by the agreement.

Note that you must be the corresponding author of the article and be affiliated to Linnaeus University (or any of the other universities included in the agreement) to be able to make your article open access through the Bibsam agreement with Springer.

What do I as corresponding author need to do?

Once your article is accepted for publication, you will receive a link to Springer's publishing platform MyPublication. There you can enter which institution you belong to along with your your Lnu-mail address (in order to facilitate verification). Click here for a PDF with detailed instructions.

After the data has been submitted the University Library is automatically notified and will then proceed to verify the author's institutional affiliation.

Worth noting is that you as the author retains the copyright to your article via a Creative Commons license if you are publishing through Open Choice.

Which journals are covered by the agreement?

The agreement covers all of the Springer journals (about 1 600) that offer the publishing model Open Choice (hybrid journals). Hybrid journals are subscription-funded but individual articles can be made openly available for a fee paid by the author.

Click here for a list of the journals covered by the agreement. See the link under the heading "Which institutions and Springer journals are covered by the OA agreement?"

Which publication types are included?

  • Original Paper – Standard article, usually presenting new results; articles published under this article type may also be referred to as Original Research, Original Article, Original Paper or Research Paper
  • Review Paper – Standard article, interpreting previously published results.
  • Brief Communication – Short article submitted for rapid publication that exhibits the same structure as a standard article.
  • Continuing Education – Article forming integral part of further education (usually medical).

Self-archiving in DiVA

To give your article increased visibility and greater spread, you can self-archive your article in DiVA. Springer permits immediate publication in DiVA of the publisher (final) version of the article for articles included in the Springer Compact agreement.

You can publish your article in DiVA yourself or send your article to the University Library at, and we will help you with the publication process.

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See also the file "Springer Compact FAQ" under "Attachments".


Contact the University Library at if you have questions about Springer Compact.