Articles and databases

The library has a large number of databases where you can search for different types of publications, such as academic articles.

In our subject guides we recommend databases for your particular subject. If you are not sure which database is relevant to your search, you can use the library search engine OneSearch. When you use OneSearch you will get hits from most of our available databases.

ACM Digital Library

Article database (abstracts + full text)
The database covers mainly the areas of computer programming and IT. Contains full text articles from all journals and newsletters published by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), Conference proceedings as well as a large number of references to literature from other publishers in the field concerned.

Link to ACM Digital Library

ACS (American Chemical Society)

Article database (full text)
The database includes 38 scholarly journals in full text format which have been published by the prestigious American Chemical Society, together with the news magazine Chemical and Engineering News Online (C&EN). The agreement provides access to the ACS Legacy Archives, which includes all the ACS's journals from vol. 1 up until 1995 together with ACS Web Editions, with published years from 1996 onwards.

Link to ACS (American Chemical Society)

AIP (American Institute of Physics)

Access to about 10 journals in fulltext from American Institute of Physics, for example Applied Physics Letters, Chaos, Journal of Mathematical Physics and Journal of Applied Physics. Access is normally given from volume 1 and also includes access to the conference papers from AIP.

Link to AIP (American Institute of Physics)

AMED (Alternative Medicine)

Reference database (with certain full text links)
Contains references to approx. 600 journals within work therapy, physiotherapy, complementary medicine, chiropody and palliative care.

Link to AMED (Alternative Medicine)

Annual Reviews

Since 1932, Annual Reviews has offered comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists. Annual Reviews volumes are published each year for more than 40 different disciplines, from which Lnu subscribes to the following 13 titles:
AR of Biochemistry - Biomedical Engineering - Biophysics - Cell and Development Biology - Ecology, Evolution and Systematics - Genetcis - Immunology - Marine Science - Microbiology - Nutrition - Pharmacology and Toxicology - Physical Chemistry - Plant Biology - Psychology
The Lnu:s access includes current year and at least three years of backfiles.

Link to Annual Reviews

APS (American Physical Society)

Access to a number of journals in fulltext from American Physical Society, including Physical Review and Physical Review Letters. Access is normally given from volume 1 and so this also includes PROLA (Physical Review Online Archive)

Link to APS (American Physical Society)


Reference database (with certain full text links)
Lists contents in more than 1000 Swedish journals and daily newspapers. Article-Search contains an extensive number of reviews and the database covers material from 1979 onwards.

Link to Artikelsök

Arkiv digital

Arkiv digital is a swedish database for genealogy. Username and password is required - contact the library for access.

Link to Arkiv digital

ASM (American Society for Microbiology)

Article database (full text)
Covering 15 journals in microbiology. The collection contains titles such as Journal of Virology. Full text from volume 1 of all titles.

Link to ASM

ASSIA (Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts)

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References from more than 500 journals in the areas of the social sciences, mainly in the health sciences, nursing, geriatric care, social work, psychology and education. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to ASSIA

ATLA Religion Database with Serials

Article database (abstracts + full text)
The database is produced by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and is considered the top database in religion, theology, and related disciplines. It contains references to nearly 2 million records from journals, essays, books, etc. ATLA Serials contains approximately 450 000 full-text articles from 250 different journals.

Link to ATLA Religion Database with Serials

BDSL (Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft)

Reference database - German language and comparative literature
References to books, articles, essays, papers and reviews etc in German language and comparative literature, from 1985 onwards.

Link to BDSL

BMJ Journals

Article database (full text)
BMJ Journals includes approximately 25 journals in medicine and health. The collection gives access to full text from all years. Some of the titles goes back several decades and perhaps the most famous of the titles, BMJ - British Medicine Journal - back to start year 1840!

Link to BMJ Journals

Branschnyckeltal (SCB)

Database - statistics
Contains some 40 key economical and financial statistics and indicators based on annual surveys of a large number of companies and sectors within industry, construction and the service sectors in Sweden.

Link to Branschnyckeltal (SCB)

Brill Journals

Article database (full text)
Approximately 175 journal titles from Brill Academic Publishers. The content is dominated by the humanities, such as History, Biblical & Religious Studies, and Middle East & Islamic Studies. But there is also International Law, Asian Studies, Human Rights, Biology and Science. Full text from 2000.

Link to Brill Journals


Journal database
Read the library's electronic journals on your phone, tablet or directly on the web. With BrowZine, you can search among most of the library's journals, collect your favorite magazines in their own bookshelf, save and read articles.

Link to BrowZine

BSP (Business Source Premier)

Article database (full text)
Articles in full text format from more than 2000 journals in the fields of economics and business. Approximately half of the titles are peer-reviewed and the material also includes in certain cases very early years of publication. The BSP also includes corporate information such as industrial reports, market analyses and working papers. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to BSP (Business Source Premier)

Cambridge Journals

Article database (full text)
Articles from more than 200 peer-reviewed journals published by Cambridge University Press and a number of scholarly societies. The contents cover several subject areas including not only social sciences but also the humanities, engineering and technology, medicine and the natural sciences.

Link to Cambridge Journals


CAS-SciFinder contains literature mainly on chemistry, but also on biomedical sciences, engineering, materials science, agriculture and environmental science. To access SciFinder you must register an account.


NOTE! If you are outside the university network there may be a problem using Internet Explorer. In that case try to use a different browser, such as Firefox.

Link to CAS-SciFinder

Cell Press

Cell Press gives access to following 14 leading journals within Science: American Journal of Human Genetics - Biophysical Journal - Cell - Cell, Host & Microbe - Cell Metabolism - Cell Stem Cell - Chemistry and Biology - Current Biology - Development Cell - Immunity - Molecular Cell - Neuron - Structure.
The license includes access from 1995 and forward and you can also find these journals in Science Direct

Link to Cell Press

Cinahl with Full Text

Contains references to approximately 3000 journals (approximately 600 in fulltext) in nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and closely-related subject areas. The database also includes references from books, PhD theses and conference proceedings. References are from 1981 onwards. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to Cinahl with Full Text

Cochrane Library

Database - Health and Nursing Care (abstracts + full text)
Made up of a collection of databases within the health and nursing care sectors. Contains a large amount of systematic overviews of the literature ie studies which describe, summarise and evaluate the available documentation relating to specific treatments of health-related problems. Technology evaluations and clinical tests can also be accessed from here.

Link to Cochrane Library

Communication Abstracts

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References to material in the fields of communication and mass media obtained from journals, reports and books etc from numerous publishers from 1977 onwards. The contents cover subject areas such as advertising, marketing, communication theory, journalism, PR, radio and TV etc

Link to Communication Abstracts

Criminal Justice Abstracts

Reference database (with certain full text links)
Contains a large number of references to journals and other publications within the subject area of criminology. Information can be found on crime tendencies, crime prevention initiatives, police and the law courts. The database also contains to a certain extent abstracts from 1968 onwards. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to Criminal Justice Abstracts


Gateway for e-books
Dawsonera is a platform for e-books in English. All titles can be read by an unlimited number of readers. You may download the books. Dawsonera requires login, both from campus and from home.

Link to Dawsonera

Dewey Online (Past Masters)

Dewey Online from Past Masters the following electronic works:
The Collected Works of John Dewey, 1882-1953 (38 vol.)
The Correspondence of John Dewey, 1871-1952 (4 vol.)
Dewey: Lectures, 2nd Release (2 vol.)

Link to Dewey Online

DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet)

Portal - Research publications and student essays
PhD dissertations, other research publications and student essays from some 30 Swedish universities and university colleges as well as Linnaeus University. The majority of student essays as well as a considerable amount of research information are available in full text format.

Link to DiVA


Database covering full text publications (full text)
A list covering several thousand so-called "Open Access Journals" in many subjects and various languages. The contents of the newspapers are often searchable at article level and in the majority of cases available in full text format. The compilation has been made by Lund University and the service contains general information as well as general information for users relating to the concept of "Open Access".

Link to DOAJ


Gateway for e-books (full text)
Most titles can only be read by one person at a time. A small number of the books may be downloaded.

Link to Ebrary


All EBSCO databases
Ageline, AMED, Business Source Premier, CINAHL, Communication Abstracts, Criminal Justice Abstracts, FSTA, Historical Abstracts, LISTA, MLA, PsychBOOKS, RILM, SPORTDiscus

Link to EBSCO

EBSCO e-Book Collection

Most titles can be read by an unlimited number or users but some can only be read by 1-3 users simultaneously. Most titles can be downloaded for seven days at the most.

Link to EBSCO e-Book Collection

Eikon (Datastream)

Eikon from Thomson Reuters is a broad database that consists of global economic and financial data for real time and historical analysis – equity prices, equity indices, company information, macroeconomic indicators, investment analyses, fixed income, bonds, fundamentals and so on. Eikon is integrated with Excel, Word and PowerPoint for downloading data and creating dynamic models, charts, tables and reports. Eikon enables you to conduct static and time-series analysis of companies, markets, securities and macroeconomic activities. Eikon includes e.g. Worldscope, I/B/E/S Estimates, Datastream Economics, Reuters News, Fundamentals (reported and standardized), ESG Data, Foreign Exchange & Money Markets, StarMine Analytics and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Eikon is installed on three computers at the University Library in Växjö and one computer at the University Library in Kalmar. Booking is possible via Time Edit for Växjö.

Link to Eikon (Only information about the database.)


Article database (abstracts + full text)
Covers material from approx. 200 peer-reviewed journals within economics and marketing but also to a certain extent library and information science. The database also includes abstracts and reviews of articles from a number of additional journals in corporate governance and business.
Via Emerald you can also gain access to the publisher's e-books in the Business, Management and Economic Collection and the Social Sciences Collection, published up until 2013. In total, these cover approx. 1000 e-book titles in full text format which can be searched along with the publisher's journals.

Link to Emerald


EmiWeb is an webbased archive or database containing information about millions of Swedish emigrants to USA and other countries

Link to EmiWeb

E-nav - standards

e-nav - database for standards
In e-nav you have access to a number of standards from SIS. Selection is made in the dialogue between the University Library and the university's users. The content of the standards are continuously updated. Printing is not allowed, but it is possible to copy from the standard for internal use.
The contents of a standard opens as a PDF file. When the dialog box "Security Warning" opens you have to click on "Allow". For some titles you must change a setting in the PDF document. Go to "Edit" in the upper left, then select "Preferences" and "JavaScript" and uncheck the box "Enable global object security policy".

Link to E-nav - standards

ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center)

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References to educational science literature from 1966 onwards. The contents have been obtained from a number of journals, conferences, PhD theses, reports from public authorities etc. Parts of the material are available directly in full text format and through further linking to the University's journals, further full texts can be reached. The database includes a thesaurus with subject words and there is a possibility to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to ERIC

Essential Science Indicators

Statistics and data about academic publishing. Provides information about trends and the impact of publications, countries, institutions and individuals. Based on citation data from Web of Science.

Link to Essential Science Indicators

Fachportal Pädagogik (German Education Portal)

Gateway for German education
The gateway is a central point of departure for literature searches within German educational science. The gateway provides opportunities to search not only literature but also academic departments and researchers within the subject area in question. With regards to literature, the gateway provides mainly references but there are also many links to full text sources. Where full text is missing, information is provided as to how the literature in question can be accessed.

Link to Fachportal Pädagogik

FAR Online

Database - economic and business information (full text)
Full text information relating to taxes, company law, accounting and auditing etc from FAR (the Swedish Institute of Authorized and Approved Accountants). Contains information about laws, preparatory work, directives, legal cases, documents and the journals Balans and Skattenytt.

Link to FAR Online

Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text

Article database (abstracts + full text)
The database is an important resource for research and teaching in film, television and related disciplines. The database includes about 400 magazines, of which 120 are in full text.

Link to Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text

Forest Science

Reference database (with certain full text links)
Contains references to literature on forestry and forest management. Subjects included are ecology, diseases and characteristics of trees, production and marketing of forestry products and references include articles, books, conference proceedings and reports.

Link to Forest Science

FSTA (Food Science and Technology Abstracts)

Reference database with abstracts. In part full text through fulltext linking.
Food technology. Indexed from 1990- present

Link to FSTA

Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

Portal for e-books
Comprises approx. 100 reference works from Gale Cengage Learning. The titles cover more than 15 different subject areas such as the humanities, social sciences, engineering / technology and the natural sciences. Coverage varies from single volumes up to titles with 10 or more volumes.

Link to Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)

Geographical Data from Lantmäteriet

Database - digital maps
Appropriate users at Lnu now have access to geographical data from Lantmäteriet through the web tool GET (Geographical Extraction Tool). Users can download reasonable amounts of data to their own computers.

Link to Geographical Data from Lantmäteriet

Google Scholar

Search engine - scholarly publications
Via Google Scholar it is possible to get access to very large quantities of scholarly literature from all types of sources. It is possible to find the contents of virtually all the electronic journals which the library subscribes to (NB obtaining access to a full text via this source depends on whether the library has a valid subscription or not. Google Scholar additionally indexes publications in DiVA and a number of scholarly free literature. Search results are as usual ranked in order of relevance by Google.

Link to Google Scholar

Historical Abstracts

Reference database (with certain full text links)
Contains references to scholarly historical literature from 1450 onwards. Covers the majority of historical subject areas as well as a limited number of subjects in the social sciences. Geographically the coverage represents most parts of the world, excluding the USA and Canada. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to Historical Abstracts


Holdings is a database that covers ownership and flows on the Swedish stock market, with interactive tools for analysis.
The database covers a long history of all listed companies in Sweden. It also contains transparency data, liquidity data, broker statistics, short selling data, corporate governance data, as well as self-produced articles.

LNU offers students and staff access to Holdings from Modular Finance. Through the school network students and staff have access to the database for studies and research. Each user needs to create an individual account by filling in this form: Contact for other inquiries.

Link to Holdings

IEEE Xplore

Article database (abstracts + full text)
Abstracts and full text access to IEEE and IET journals, conference reports and standards mainly within the subject areas of electronics, electrical engineering and computer science. Contains over 2 million documents published from 1913 onwards.

Link to IEEE Xplore

InfoTorg Företag

Database - company information
InfoTorg Företag is a database with swedish and scandinavian company information. The database contains corporate information, annual accounts, key ratios, annual report, articles of association, tax registration, credit reports, credit control etc. InfoTorg replaces Affärsdata.

Link to InfoTorg Företag

InfoTorg Juridik

Database - legal information
Legal precedents, directives and parliamentary publications. Court of Appeal judgments together with judgments from courts of appeal in full text from 1960 onwards, labour court judgments in full text from 1960 onwards. Contains information such as state authority precedents, European law (including CELEX), in addition to references to legal literature and journals

Link to InfoTorg Juridik


Reference database (with certain full text links)
Inspec is a major international database with more than 8 million bibliographic records from scientific journals, reports, dissertations and conference proceedings. Its subject coverage includes astronomy, electronics, communications, ergonomics, computers & computing, computer science, control engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, and physics. The database contains material from 1969 and is updated every week.

Link to Inspec

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)

IBSS is a reference database in the social sciences. It includes over 3 million references to journal articles, books, reviews and selected chapters. The material dates back to 1951 and is continuously updated with approximately 100,000 new records each year. The database mainly provides abstracts for journal articles but it also includes links to an increasing number of full text articles.

Link to International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)

JCR (Journal Citation Reports)

Journal database
Contains information about and evaluation of scholarly journals with the help of citation data eg impact factors etc. In total some 8,000 different journals and approx. 200 different subjects are included, mainly in the natural sciences, engineering and social sciences.

Link to JCR (Journal Citation Report)


Article database (full text)
Older journal editions from several hundred leading academic publishers within the majority of subject areas. In general it is the case that a title is available from the first year of publication onwards with exceptions for the very latest publication years. The library of Linnaeus University has access o the following collections:
Arts & Science I-XI, together with Life Sciences, in total more than 1500 journals.

Link to JSTOR

KLG (Kritisches Lexikon zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur)

Database - German comparative literature
Information about German literature and German authors primarily active during the postwar period. The service requires a password which can be obtained from the University Library's information desk.

Link to KLG


Database - company information
Information about companies and products from all over the world. Search possibilities via products, company names, trademark / brand names, names of key decision-makers etc.

Link to Kompass


Electronic encyclopedia / reference work
Published by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and contains information on all the countries of the world as well as some autonomous regions. Information includes various aspects of the country in question and there are also maps and possibilities to compare statistics between countries.

Link to Landguiden

Lecture Notes in Computer Science

This book series from Springer contains over 8,000 book titles published between 1997 - 2016. The content has a focus on Computer Science with subdivisions such as Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics. The series is also known to follow new developments in these fields. Lecture Notes also contain a lot of titles in Informatics, Mathematics, Life Sciences and Engineering.

Link to Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Leisure Tourism

Reference database
International reference database covering tourism, leisure, recreation and sports. Contains references and abstracts from journal articles, reports, conference proceedings and books from 1976 to present. Also, a growing number of full-text articles within the same subject areas.

Link to Leisure Tourism

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

LLBA is a reference database in linguistics and related disciplines. The database covers most aspects of the study of language including phonetics, syntax and semantics. It holds abstracts of journal articles, books, dissertations and working papers. The material dates back to 1973.

Link to Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)

LISA (Library and Information Science Abstracts)

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References from journals, books, PhD dissertations and conference proceedings within library and information science. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to LISA


Reference database (with certain full text links)
Contains references from journals, books, research reports and conference proceedings within the subjects of library and information science. References are from the mid 1960s onwards and cover areas such as classification, cataloguing, book and author information, information management, bibliometry and other publication questions. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to LISTA

LRC (Literature Resource Center)

Full text database - comparative literature
Information on more than 130,000 authors from all over the world and various historical periods. Biographies, reviews, literature criticism as well as fiction in full text format. The material has been obtained from a large number of journals of which the majority have undergone peer review, monographs, letters, diaries etc. The database also includes Contemporary Authors Online, Contemporary Literary Criticism and Dictionary of Literary Biography Online.

Link to LRC

Mathematics Education Database

Reference database
Includes material from the area of didactics and mathematics teaching methodology but there are also references to areas such as computer science. References include literature relating to teaching from pre-school level up to university and professional / vocational levels and has been obtained from journals as well as books and other teaching materials.

Link to Mathematics Education Database


Reference database
Database from the American Mathematical Society which contains references to international mathematics research from the 1940s onwards. The database includes more than 2 million references and provides good information about new journal titles and citation frequences in the field.

Link to MathSciNet


Article database (full text)
Includes full text from a large number of Swedish daily newspapers and magazines such as Aftonbladet, Svenska dagbladet, Göteborgs-Posten, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri, Veckans Affärer and Läkartidningen. Articles are available from the day of publication.

Link to Mediearkivet


Reference database (with certain full text links)
Medline is the leading information source in the subject area of medicine and contains a large number of references in medicine, nursing, care, odontology, health and nursing care, psychiatry etc. References come from some 5000 journals in several languages relating to the subject area and go as far back as to the mid 19th Century.


MLA (Modern Language Association)

Reference database (with certain full text links)
Almost 2 million references from over 400 journals, books and PhD dissertations from 1923 onwards. The main emphasis is on language in areas such as linguistics, semantics, translation, rhetoric and stylistics but there are a number of references to literary criticism, art, film studies etc. English language material dominates the collection but there some 60 other languages represented. The database also includes the MLA Directory of Periodicals, an extensive list of journals within the language / linguistics area. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link MLA

MTA (Marine Technology Abstracts)

Reference database with abstracts
Shipping, navigation and maritime engineering. Indexed from 1940- present.

Link to MTA

Naxos Music Library

Database - streamed music online
Music from approximately 40,000 records, the equivalent of more than 550,000 tracks. The major part of the database is made up of classical music but there is also jazz, folk music and world music available. The contents have been published by the record company Naxos as well as large number of other record companies. The service includes a number of other resources for people interested in music such as handbooks, dictionaries, libretti etc.

Link to Naxos Music Library

NE (Nationalencyklopedin)

General encyclopedia / reference work which contains the entire printed version of the NE in full text including the NE dictionary (Swedish and English) and atlas.

Link to NE

NE:s dictionaries (Nationalencyklopedin)

Contains 7 dictionaries from Norstedts, NE:s swedish dictionaries, Lexin dictionary and NE:s arabic dictionary.

Link to NE:s dictionaries


Working papers (full text)
Thousands of working papers in economics from 1973 onwards. National Bureau of Economic Research is an American nonprofit research organization working for a better understanding of how the economy works.

Link to NBER


OneSearch is an all-in-one-search service for all collections of full text articles and books at the university library.

Oxford Art Online

Electronic reference work / encyclopedia - Art
Various encyclopedias, reference works and dictionaries in art, published by Oxford University Press. The University Library has access to Grove Art Online, which is the equivalent of the contents of the Dictionary of Art (volume 34). The Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics and The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art are also available. The encyclopedias / reference works can be searched collectively or on an individual basis.

Link to Oxford Art Online

Oxford Journals

Article database (full text)
Approx. 200 scholarly journals in full text format within the humanities, social sciences, law, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and medicine. All journals published by Oxford University Press, many in cooperation with academic societies and international organizations.

Link to Oxford Journals

Oxford Music Online

Electronic encyclopedia / reference work - Music
A number of encyclopedias / reference works within music and music studies, published by Oxford University Press. The University Library has access to Grove Music Online and New Grove Dictionary of Music which is the equivalent of the contents of the 29 volume printed edition. In addition there is access to the Oxford Dictionary of Music, the Oxford Companion to Music as well as more than 500 sound files.

Link to Oxford Music Online

PAIS (Public Affairs Information service)

Reference database (with certain full text links)
Contains more than 600 000 references to journal articles, books, official documents, research reports, conference proceedings etc mainly within the following subject areas: economics, business administration, political science, international relations, law, sociology, demography and statistics. The database contains publications from some 120 countries from 1971 onwards. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to PAIS

Project MUSE

Article database (full text)
Contains journal articles in full text format mainly within the humanities and social sciences. Comprises some 400 scientific publications published by American university publishers. The University Library has access to the standard collection.

Link to Project MUSE

PROLA (Physical Review Online Archive)

Article database (full text)
Archive for the American Physical Society's publications in the natural sciences, engineering and technology. The archive also includes the journal Physical Review in full text from the first year of its publication in 1893 as well as Reviews of Modern Physics (from 1929) and Physical review letters (from 1958).

Link to PROLA

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database

Reference database for PhD dissertations
Contains references and abstracts for more than 2 million titles, mainly PhD theses within the humanities, social sciences, engineering and natural sciences. The oldest dissertation is from 1637 and the database is updated annually with a large number of new items. For more recent dissertations, the introductory 24 pages are freely available. Otherwise the main rule is that a full text version can be ordered for PhD theses from 1997 or later.

Link to ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database

ProQuest Social Sciences Premium Collection

Reference database with some fulltext
A portal for appr 15 databases from ProQuest. Subjects include sociology, social work, political science and criminology. Reference database with som fulltext.

Link to ProQuest Social Sciences Premium Collection


Article database (full text)
Full-text articles from 78 journals in psychology. The majority of the journals are published by APA (American Psychological Association) and go back to volume 1, issue 1.

Link to PsycARTICLES


Reference database (with certain full text links)
More than 2 million references to journal articles, books, PhD dissertations and research reports within psychology and related subjects such as psychiatry, sociology, nursing, education and learning and anthropology. The total number of indexed journals is extensive and is somewhere in the region of 1800. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to PsycINFO


Reference database (with certain full text)
Almost 20 million references to articles in medicine, biomedicine, odontology, nursing etc.

Link to PubMed


Regs4ships is a database containing important maritime literature, including publications and regulations from IMO, Flag States and other authorities in the maritime industry e.g. EU, ILO, WHO + more.

Link to Regs4ships

RILM (Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale)

Reference database (with certain full text links)
Music studies references from international newspapers, books, catalogues, conference proceedings, PhD dissertations, festschrifts etc. As well as music studies, there are also references to music therapy, film, dance, theatre, performance and interdisciplinary studies in music. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to RILM

S-Wopec (Scandinavian Working Papers in Economics)

Databas - Working Papers (full text)
Working papers in a total of 50 different series and from more than 25 Nordic institutions such as the Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School and Växjö University.

Link to S-Wopec

SAGE e-Reference

Portal for ebooks
Comprises approx. 180 reference works from the SAGE publisher, the majority in civics with the main area of emphasis in psychology, sociology, political science, education, media and criminology. There are also a number of titles on evaluation and research methods.

Link to SAGE e-Reference

Sage Journals Online

Article database (full text)
Contains more than 500 academic journals in full text within the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, technology and medicine, all published by SAGE Publications. Access to full text begins in general from 1999 onwards but for a number of titles we have access to all publications from year one.

Link to Sage Journals Online

SCB (Statistiska centralbyrån)

Database - Swedish statistics
Extensive statistics relating to a large number of Swedish social sectors including so-called official statistics, produced not only by the central office of Statistics Sweden as well as a number of other public authorities responsible for the production of statistics.

Link to SCB

Science Direct

Article database (full text)
Includes more than 2000 journal titles within the subject areas of biology, chemistry, medicine, social sciences, economics, business and engineering. Titles are accessible from 1995 onwards. Via Science Direct, access may be obtained to a number of licenced reference works / encyclopedias, such as Encyclopedia of Public Health and International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Link to Science Direct


Scopus is a multidiciplinary abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, features smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research.
If Scopus doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11: Use compatibility mode or another web browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Link to Scopus

Social Services Abstracts

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References to academic journals, PhD dissertations, books, conference proceedings etc mainly within the fields of social work and closely related areas such as social policy, social welfare, gerontology and health and nursing care. Start 1979. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to Social Services Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References to 1800 international newspapers, PhD dissertations, books and conference proceedings within the subject of sociology and closely-related fields from 1952 onwards. The total number of references is very large and includes at present more than 900,000 items. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

Link to Sociological Abstracts


Collective search - archive, library, sound & image
Searches at the same time in the National Archive Database (NAD), LIBRIS and the Swedish media database (SMDB) to provide an overview of how a person or event has been documented in TV, radio, in printed media and / or in original documents.

Link to Sondera

SPORT Discus

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References in sports science within the subjects of sports medicine, physiology, coaching, sports psychology, health sciences, training, nutrition, doping, tourism etc. Contains more than one million items in certain cases going back to 1800. The contents have been obtained from international journals, books, conference proceedings and PhD dissertations.

Link to SPORT Discus

Springer Link

Article database/Gateway for e-books (full text)
Includes approx. 2,000 scholarly journals mainly within health, medicine, natural sciences, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and computer science. There are however also many titles in the field of law as well as the humanities. Access to full text in most cases starts from 1997 onwards. The database includes access to approx. 5,000 e-books in full text form within the subjects of computer science, web design and mathematics.

Link to Springer Link


Statista contains over a million different statistical compilations in more than 80000 different topics. Statista retrieves data from 18000 different sources and combines financial data, consumer insight, surveys and demographic trends. Data can be

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Reference database - Medicine
References to Nordic articles in the medical area, of which a significant proportion are of a popular science nature. References cover the period from 1997 onwards and additionally include biomedicine patient information and non-clinical aspects of health and nursing care.

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Reference database
SwePub makes it possible to search among articles, conference papers, dissertations etc. published at Swedish universities. Use SwePub for an overview of what is published in your research area, to get titles in full text, abstracts and citations.

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Taylor & Francis

Article database (full text)
Includes collections of Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) och Science & Technology (S&T), a total of over 1300 titles primarily in the subject areas Education, Behavioural Science, Arts & Humanities, Politics, International Relations & Area Studies, Engineering Computing & Technology, Environmental & Agriculture. Access to articles from 1997 to present.

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Journal database
List and description of more than 300,000 international journals within a number of subject areas. For each journals there is a detailed listing of information such as language, periodicity, contact information, first year of publication, publisher, ISSN etc. The journal's scholarly status (eg peer review etc) and information relating to the selected subject area, where the articles are indexed and can be purchased etc is also included.

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UR Access

Database - Radio & TV-programmes
Includes access to more than 7,000 radio and TV programmes from 2001 onwards. Programmes are accessible via so-called streaming technology. The database also includes the DelaLika module - which provides opportunities for universities to publish web lectures and supplement UR's material with educational materials which they have themselves produced.

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Visible Body

The database includes intuitive, detailed and quality assured anatomy resources available online as well as apps for tablets and smartphones. Visible Body resources are 3D interactive tools to quickly generate and work with anatomical views.

Contains: Human Anatomy Atlas, Muscle Premium, Skeleton Premium, Heart and Circulatory Premium, och Physiology Animations.

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Web of Science

Reference database /Citation index
Makes up a shared gateway for searches of the following citation indices:
Arts & Humanities Citation Index covers over 1400 journals within the humanities and the arts.
Science Citation Index Expanded includes almost 7000 scientific journals in 150 different engineering and natural science subject areas.
Social Science Citation Index comprises approx. 6,000 scholarly journals in some 50 subjects, mainly in the fields of the social sciences.

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Wiley Online Library

Article database (full text)
Contains full text from approx 1500 journals in medicine, the humanities, social sciences, economics and business, chemistry, environmental science, law, psychology, engineering and education. Access to full text is given in general from 1997 onwards. For approximately 30 titles, access is given from the first year of edition, which in many cases means that several decades of publications are available.

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Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

Reference database (with certain full text links)
References in the social sciences, mainly within political science and closely-related subjects such as international relations, welfare systems, environmental questions and administration. The database includes some 800,000 references from 1975 onwards of which a large proportion have been published outside of the USA. The possibility exists to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles.

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Database - Legal information
Information pertaining to the Swedish statute book with in-depth comments relating to the Criminal Law, Parents and Guardians Act, New Social Acts, the Police Act, The Swedish Code of Judicial Procedure, Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act and The Swedish Constitution.
In addition Zeteo contains a great deal of legal information eg Swedish Commercial Legislation, together with SFS, preparatory work, legal precedents, Court of Appeal judgments since 1911, selected Labour Court judgments, all Court of Appeal judgments from 1980 onwards, publications of public authorities, European Law and NJA II.

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