Would you like to book an appointment with a librarian?

The library offers different types of support to students in the process of searching for information. If you need tutoring in searching for information you can book a librarian. Booking a librarian is an option if you have already searched for information on your own but have encountered problems and need help to proceed.

How does a booked session work?

At a booked session your questions and needs are our starting point. Our goal is that you will develop your ability to search and evaluate information in accordance with the academic standards for your assignment.


Prepare by going through the searches you have made and think about what areas you need the most help with. It is helpful if you write down questions in advance and bring examples of searches you have made or any relevant references you have found. Please read through the instructions for your assignment where requirements for literature are described. If possible, bring your own computer!


The session takes about 60 minutes. During our meeting we discuss the questions and examples that you have taken with you. This can be such issues as:

  • Understanding what demands for information searching are expressed in the assignment
  • Planning the search process and creating a relevant search strategy
  • Evaluating and choosing academic material
  • Choosing the relevant database or search engine
  • Finding and using good search terms
  • Searching efficiently in different databases, and a lot more.


Use the comments and examples you have received during the tutoring session in your continued search for information. If you need further support you are welcome to visit the library web site or information desk, watch the library’s videos at LnuPlay, use your subject guide or chat with us.