OneSearch - The University Library’s all-in-one search service

About the search service OneSearch

What is OneSearch?
OneSearch is the University Library's all-in-one search service and includes the library catalogue and most of our databases. For full functionality in OneSearch you need a library account which you can get here.

What can you find in OneSearch?
In OneSearch you can find books, articles, journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, reports, databases and a lot more. You can find all of our ebooks and printed books and almost all our databases full text articles. To search in a specific database instead, see our list of databases.

What can you do in OneSearch?

  • Create and copy a permanent link to a certain catalogue entry
  • Download a reference to a catalogue entry in different formats (for example RIS, RefWorks, EndNote)
  • Create and copy a reference to a certain catalogue entry
  • Send a catalogue entry to an email address
  • Save a search query to make it available during your search session
  • Save entries on a list that remains available during your search session
  • Access "My account"
  • Make orders/reservations
  • Limit your search according to parameters such as full text, subject, journal and database

After logging in to "My account" you can also:

  • Save a search query
  • Set alert to your email address for a saved query
  • Save entries on a list
  • Label saved entries.

Frequently asked questions


Problems finding a specific article/journal?
If you experience problems finding a particular article or journal, try searching directly in a subject database instead. You can reach the databases through the list of databases. If you do not know which database is relevant for your search you can begin with your subject guide, where the most important databases within your subject are listed. You may also try to search in Google Scholar which you can also find in the list of databases.

Problems finding a specific book?
If you are looking for a specific book and cannot find it - try searching in Libris.

Why am I unable to log in to OneSearch?
If you do not have a library card/library account you will not be able to log in through the log in window in the top right corner of OneSearch. If you are a student or staff member you can create a library account by filling in the library account application form on our website. If you are a member of the public or a student at another institution you can apply for a library card by filling in the form on one of the designated computers near the library information desk; when you have filled in the form you can pick up your library card at the information desk when showing a valid photo ID.

The maps are not as accurate as they used to be?
We are currently working on developing and improving the functionality of the maps.