Student giving an oral presentation for Linnaeus university students

Oral presentations

Oral presentations are one of the most common forms of assessment at university along with written assignments. During your studies you will be asked to do several types of presentations such as providing a solution to a case study, presenting different research views of a topics, acting as an opponent on your fellow student’s paper or persuading your audience to a certain point of view.

Delivering an effective presentation

An important part of giving a presentation is to be able to communicate your thoughts in an engaging and effective way. A well-written presentation in combination with an effective delivery style will keep the audience interested and entertained. One way to have an effective delivery is to be able to connect with the audience. You can connect with the audience through your body language, eye contact and through the pitch and tone of your voice. Visual aids are also an integral part of the delivery. Good visual aids help convey your message.

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