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Study skills

Many students find that studying at university is very different than studying in high school and the transition can sometimes feel overwhelming. Learning good study habits early on is imperative for academic success. At the Academic Skills Centre we want to see you succeed in your studies and have listed a few important techniques that will help you become more efficient and active in your learning.

Planning and organizing your studies

At university, a considerable part of the learning process happens outside of the classroom. Students have the main responsibility for their studies with the support of faculty members. Your course timetable will not include independent study time therefore it is important to learn how to organize your studies which will be a key factor in your success at university.

Reading strategies

Many students discover that university studies include a tremendous amount of reading. You are expected to read for many different purposes- in preparation for lectures and workshops, course literature, journal articles and reports of various kinds are some examples of what you will read. All of this reading can be a daunting task. Therefore, it is important to learn reading strategies early on to help you tackle all of that text! You should remember that there are three stages to reading a text: before, during and after.

Note-taking skills

Effective note-taking is an important skill to learn at university. Just like with reading, there are three stages to note-taking: the before, during and after stage. Mastering good note-taking skills will help you better retain the information and allow you to have something to refer back to when studying for exams.

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