Students writing a paper together

Writing a Home Exam or Essay

During your studies, you will be writing take-home exams as well as papers. Developing genre awareness and writing appropriately in an academic setting is a craft, and a multi-tiered process. On these pages we gather resources that are of use to you.

At university, you will have large amounts of literature to read so it is important to have good study skills and study routines. Try to avoid procrastinating, i.e. do not postpone reading the course literature until the end of the course.

In this film, you will get tips on how to read large amounts of literature, how to structure your time and how to take good notes.

Film - Study skills (06:30)

As a student, you have probably heard about the scientific approach. A scientific approach is a multifaceted concept. This means that, based on previous research, you critically examine a subject, a phenomenon or a problem with the help of scientific methods. This places demands on how and where you search for relevant information, as well as how you present your results in a written text.