Compiled information regarding the hacker attack on Primula

Primula is now ready for use again

Following the hacker attack, the Payroll Section got access to Primula on the morning of last Friday. Since then, the Payroll Section has conducted tests and handled and registered new cases without encountering any issues. Primula went down at around 9pm on 19 January. We have not seen that cases registered before that time have disappeared or that any information is missing. However, if you know that you made a registration close to that time, we ask you to double-check that your case is still there.

HR partners, financial administrators, and economists were given green light to start working in Primula on Monday afternoon. We are now ready for the next step, and Primula is now available for all members of staff.

Register your cases in Primula as usual

This means that from now on, you register your cases in Primula just like usual. The temporary forms should no longer be used.

Cases submitted on forms are handled and registered by the Payroll Section. They currently have a lot to handle and to finalise for this month’s payroll run, so we ask for understanding and patience.

Please wait to inquire about your cases until 14 February, when you are welcome to look at your preliminary salary statement in Primula to ensure nothing is missing. If something is missing, we would be grateful if you contact your payroll specialist.

Normally, the fifth of the month is the deadline for submitting cases for payment with the current month's salary. This date applies also in February for temporary staff and honorarium recipients to submit their documents for compensation.

For other cases, 9 February is the last day for registration. Due to the tight schedule, only complete cases can be processed and paid out with the February salary. If a case needs to be supplemented, the compensation will have to wait until the next payroll. Be especially careful to fill in all information in travel cases where we often see a need for supplementation.

Register your time in Primula by 18 February at the latest

Now that Primula is available again, T/A (technical/administrative) staff should go back to registering their worked time in Primula. Primula went down on the evening of 19 January, so registered time up until then should still be there.

After this date, we have not been able to clock time in Primula, which means that T/A staff have had to note down their time in another way.

Now, you need to make manual entries for the two weeks that Primula was down for these hours to be included in your balance.

You should make the registration day-by-day based on the times you have noted during this period, see the manual we have prepared, available here. Your registrations must be completed by 18 February at the latest. 

Good to know:

    • Payment of excess holiday from 2023 will be made in March.
    • We hope to be able to pay out the new salaries based on the salary review for those affected by it.
    • We have several different integrations between various systems and Primula, and these are not yet operational. We have not yet received information from Tietoevry when this will be solved.

We are doing our best to resolve the situation and thank you for your patience.

/Payroll Section, HR Office



Our staff and payroll system Primula is down because its supplier Tietoevry has been hit by a ransomeware attack. Tietoevry is working hard to manage and solve the problems, but they currently do not know when Primula will be operational again. During the time Primula is down, members of staff will not be able to register any cases in Primula.

The university's crisis management group is activated and is working to find both short- and long-term solutions.

On this page, we gather all information about how we handle different issues during the time when Primula is not available.