Compiled information for members of staff about the corona virus and covid-19

On this page, we have gathered information for members of staff and managers at Linnaeus University about the handling of the corona virus pandemic and covid-19. We follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Government and we have a crisis management group that works with these issues and closely monitors the development.

Updated at 14:35 on 17 February.

As a member of staff, you have a responsibility to keep up-to-date on instructions published on Staff and to follow the guidelines from your nearest manager. When needed, you should contact your manager to get answers to your questions.

In case you have any questions concerning what applies at Linnaeus University, please contact

We are now reconstructing our FAQ pages about corona and covid-19

Almost exactly one year ago, we created the first FAQ page on account of the corona virus. Since then, this has expanded into three pages; one for members of staff, one for managers, and one for students. The content has also expanded and changed a bit during the year, which has made it challenging to get an overview of the page.

We have now made a fresh start and reconstructed all the content. We now use free text divided into different topics on what applies for the question at hand. This makes it easier to get an overview of the pages, makes them more accessible and easier to navigate.

The FAQ pages for members of staff and managers are combined into one page with the name “Compiled information about the corona virus and covid-19”.

The FAQ page for students will be reconstructed in a similar way and be published during the upcoming week.

The pages will keep their current links and on Staff you can easily access the information by clicking “About corona” in the top black bar on Staff.

Report concern and illness

Current topics

In case of illness or infection

Risk groups

Work from home

Up until 31 May, only members of staff whose physical presence is necessary to carry out our operations are to be present in our facilities. This is the Swedish Government’s commission to all government authorities. Learn more on the Swedish Government’s website (in Swedish).

The Swedish Government has also commissioned government authorities to make it possible for members of staff to work from home to the extent permitted by their tasks, applicable regulations and operational structures until 1 July.

It is your nearest manager who decides whether your presence is necessary for our operations.


All teaching and all examinations that can take place online should take place online. Physical teaching and examination must only occur when it is necessary. This was established in a vice-chancellor’s decision and applies until 28 March.

Travel within and outside the country

All travel should be done cautiously and in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines from The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. We continue to refrain from non-necessary travel and when travel is necessary we travel responsibly.


The university’s crisis management group for corona consists of pro-vice-chancellor, the office managers within the University Administration, administrative directors, representatives from Linnaeus Union, and a management support team. Convener is the manager of the Office of Student Affairs.

If you have any questions concerning what applies at Linnaeus University, you are welcome to contact