Web form for cases of covid-19 infection

As a teacher or manager, you should request information from the concerned student or member of staff in order to become better equipped to assess the situation at hand and decide what measures should be taken. Documentation is very important. Therefore, you should document the following:

Does the information concern a student or member of staff?
What city?
Has the student/member of staff travelled between Växjö and Kalmar during this period?
If yes, in what way has the person travelled?
Is the student/member of staff open about being infected, that is to say, is it ok for the student/member of staff to share information about the infection with the rest of the class/work team?

Consent - GDPR

I hereby consent to the data in this form being used by Linnaeus University within the frame of the university's activities and with the aim stated in the information text above.
The conditions for processing personal data.