Emergency management team / Crisis management group

Linnaeus University’s emergency management team, crisis management group and external contact information

In case of a major crisis or catastrophe, the university’s emergency management team must be mobilised. The university’s senior management team has overall responsibility for the organisation, whereas the operational emergency management team will coordinate the actual work in the crisis situation.

If a major crisis or catastrophe should occur at Linnaeus University, many people will become involved in various tasks and the emergency management team will resume overall responsibility.

Contact details

Crisis management team

University Director Therése Iveby Gardell, telephone 0470-70 87 06.

Crisis management support group

Catharina Ljungberg Johansson, HR, telephone 0470-76 72 62 or 070-263 16 90
Maria Larsson, Student Welfare Office, telephone 0480-44 60 95 or 070-606 98 11.