Procedures in case of death

If you receive a death announcement

If you receive a death announcement – expected or unexpected – contact a member of the crisis management group.

When the crisis management group gets the death announcement they will initiate the appropriate procedures and make sure that the relevant dean, head of department, or departmental manager takes responsibility.

Crisis management group

Catharina Ljungberg Johansson, HR, telephone 0470-76 72 62 or 070-263 16 90
Maria Larsson, Student Welfare Office, telephone 0480-44 60 95 or 070-606 98 11.

Procedures in case of death

It is important that such incidents are dealt with consistently throughout the organisation. The degree of respect, and attention to the actions that must be undertaken, must be the same regardless of what part of the organisation the deceased belonged to.

The university's procedures in case of death announcements are currently only available in Swedish.