Never give away your password – think twice before you log on to a website!

Phishing is a method used to trick people into giving away important personal information, often passwords. Lnu frequently receives phishing emails and quite often someone is deceived. Phishing emails often request that you click on a link to a web page, where you are told to enter your username and password. Even though this website may look like an Lnu site, it is not. Furthermore, you are often told that it is urgent that you follow instructions and quite often you are threatened with your email account being disabled if you do not follow the instructions.

Please keep in mind:

  • To enter your password on a website is the same thing as giving away your password.
  • IT Office will NEVER ask for your password!
  • IT Office will NEVER request that you click on a link in order to verify your user account or email account!
  • IT Office will NEVER threaten with your account being blocked if you do not click on a link and enter your password, or if you fail to login!

If you have clicked on a link in a phishing email and entered your username and password, it is of utmost importance that you change your password as soon as possible. Otherwise, at best, your account will be used to send spam emails and your inbox will be filled with "Delivery failure" emails. At worst, the account information can be used to access all data on your P: as well as all the data on S: to which you have access.
You can change your password either on the website or on a Lnu computer.

Some examples of phishing emails:

  • The size of your mailbox has exceeded the limit and your email will be blocked if you do not click here...
  • Because of security updates you need to log on to your webmail or it will be blocked, click here...
  • A third party has tried to log on to your account and you now have limited access to your webmail. To reactivate, click here...

If you have any questions feel free to contact the IT support.