Physical security

Physical security is part of the section Facilities Administration, which is part of the Office of Facilities Management and Services.

Three categories
The physical security at Linnaeus University can be divided into three different categories:

  • Entrance control
  • Asset protection
  • Physical protection

Entrance control: Keys, key cabinet, swipe cards, door environments
Asset protection: Surveillance, alarm systems, access control systems
Physical protection: Facilities, theft protection with locks and labelling

Two security coordinators
Two security coordinators work with physical security.
Kalmar: Jörgen Franzén, speed dial 6300, email
Växjö: Staffan Lindsgård, speed dial 8594, email

The security coordinators handle, for instance, keys, swipe cards, alarm systems, access control, and surveillance questions.

The routines differ between Växjö and Kalmar. Contact the security coordinator for more information.

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