Keys and swipe cards

The Office of Facilities Management and Services is responsible for structure, security and coordination matters concerning keys and swipe cards. The administrative work is carried out by different actors at Linnaeus University.

Keys to the university are ordered via the security coordinator at the Office of Facilities Management and Services. Your nearest manager fills out the order form (only in Swedish) or sends an email to

Swipe cards can be ordered on your own via the self-service portal for swipe cards: Your swipe card can be used in all the university’s facilities and is also used for the copying machines, printers, and as your library card.

The security coordinators at the university are responsible for security matters and swipe cards/keys. You find their contact information at the bottom of this page.

Get your swipe card
Your swipe card has a number of areas of use. You order your swipe card yourself via the self-service portal once you have been registered in Primula and obtained your LNU account.

  1. Go to and log in using your LNU account.
  2. Click on “Order new card” and follow the instructions.
  3. The order to takes up to three days to handle. After this, you can collect your card at Info center in the city you chose when placing the order, bring a valid ID.

Not a member of staff
Guests, internship holders and other external visitors not administered in primula cannot order swipe cards themselves. Such orders are instead handled via the same form used for ordering keys.

Keys campus Kalmar/Växjö
In order to obtain keys an order must be handed in. Your nearest manager fills out the order form (se link above) and emails it to It will then take three working days to execute your order. You can collect your key at Info center in the city where you work (Växjö/Kalmar). You have to bring a valid ID.

The security coordinator at the university, Jörgen Franzén is responsible for security matters, keys and swipe cards. You can contact him via email on