Equality of opportunity

At Linnaeus University, the work with gender equality, diversity, equality, accessibility and equal treatment has been integrated into a whole under the umbrella term Equality of opportunity.

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Governing for Equality of opportunity

Linnaeus University's work with Equality of opportunity is based on the Discrimination Act, the Parental Leave Act, the Higher Education Act, the Higher Education Ordinance and laws and regulations within the field of work environment. Linnaeus University should also work to achieve the national, political goals concerning equality and accessibility.

According to the Discrimination Act, all university colleges and universities are to carry out goal-oriented work to promote equal opportunities and possibilities for all students and employees, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic identity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation and age.

The overall, national, political equality objective is that women and men should have exactly the same power to shape society and their own lives. Based on this overall objective, the government has formulated six sub-goals to guide the politics (Shared power shared responsibility, Prop. 1993/94: 147):

• Equal distribution of power and influence. Women and men are to have the same right and opportunity to be active citizens and to shape the conditions for decision-making.
• Financial equality. Women and men are to have the same opportunities and conditions when it comes to paid work, which gives financial independence through life.
• Equal education. Women and men, girls and boys are to have the same opportunities and conditions when it comes to education, choice of studies and personal development.
• Equal distribution of unpaid housework and care of children. Women and men are to take the same responsibility for housework and have the same opportunities to provide and receive care on equal conditions.
• Equal health. Women and men, girls and boys are to have the same conditions for a good health and be offered medical care and care on equal conditions.
• Men's violence against women must cease. Women and men, girls and boys are to have the same right and opportunity to bodily integrity.

Equality is achieved when women and men have the same opportunities, rights and obligations within all areas of life.

The political goals concerning disabilities constitute a societal community which is based on diversity; that society is shaped so that people with disabilities of all ages can fully take part in societal life, equality of living conditions for girls and boys, women and men with disabilities. 

In order to achieve these political goals, the work is to have particular focus on:
• to identify and remove any obstacles for full participation in society for people with disabilities,
• to prevent and fight discrimination of people with disabilities,
• to give children, youths and adults with disabilities conditions for independence and self-determination.