Academic ceremony

Academic ceremony

As from 2019, the Academic Ceremony at Linnaeus University takes place on the first Friday after "Carl Day", or at "Carl Day", every other year in Kalmar and every other year in Växjö. New doctors and honorary doctors are conferred, new professors are inaugurated and academic awards are handed out.

The next Academic Ceremony at Linnaeus University will take place in Växjö on Friday February 28th 2022.

The Academic Ceremony 2021 is canceled! Updated information for the next Academic Ceremony in 2022 will be updated during 2021! 

Invitation and registration

Final day to apply for a doctoral degree or to accept an appointment as professor in order to be conferred a doctoral degree or to be inaugurated as professor is November 13th.

You will then receive a formal invitation to the Academic Ceremony: academic ceremony, procession, and grand dinner. Registration is done on The invitations will be sent during week 43

Academic Ceremony

During the ceremony, degrees will be conferred on honorary doctors and doctors following successful completion of their studies, and the university's new professors will be inaugurated. The ceremony is open to the public which means you are welcome to invite as many friends and family members as you like. They do not have to register.

Grand dinner

The ceremony will be followed by a grand dinner and festivities on Växjö campus. As a new doctor, participation in the academic dinner is free of charge. Guests can accompany you to the dinner at a subsidized cost of SEK 500 per person. We recommend that accompanying guests are at least 15 years of age. Payment is made by credit card directly upon registration.

Dress code

For participants in the academic ceremony, the dress code is formal. That is to say, white tie and tails with a white waistcoat, a formal evening gown or pantsuit.

At the grand dinner, the dress code for men is dark suit and for women evening gown, pantsuit or skirt. Ceremony participants do not need to change from formal attire between the ceremony and the academic dinner. Remember to arrange for formal attire well ahead of time as demand is great towards the end of May. You can, for instance, contact:

Bröllopsbutiken Noelle i Kalmar
Telefon: 070-252 45 38 Website:
Visiting adress: Kaggensgatan 5, Kalmar

Idéskrädderiet, Växjö
Phone: 0470-293 22 Website:
Visiting address: Norra Järnvägsgatan 4, Växjö


The procession and the ceremony will be rehearsed in advance. Participants in the ceremony will proceed in a pre-determined order, sit at specific places in the hall, and will be required to take their places on stage in a set order. In order for this to work properly according to the timetable, it is important that all participants attend rehearsals.

The rehearsals take place on the same day as the Academic Ceremony, on Friday, February 29 in Växjö Concert Hall. The exact time for your rehearsal will be sent with your invitation – and published on Medarbetare in advance.


Bus transport between Kalmar and Växjö will be organised for invited guests. You will be able to book seats when you register for the event.


Recipients of doctoral degrees from all faculties each receive a laurel wreath during the ceremony. Please remember to specify your head measurement when you register for participation. In addition to the laurel wreath, all participants will receive a diploma. All participants who have been awarded a doctoral degree can, if they so desire, also purchase a doctoral hat and ring.

Doctoral hat

If you would like to purchase a doctoral hat instead of a laurel wreath, you should place your order no later than October 9 2020. The hat is carefully made by hand at Franzéns Hattmakeri in Gothenburg. To order, please visit, where you also will find information about prices, how the hat should be worn and how to take a correct head measurement. The information is in Swedish only.

As Hattmakeriet has been affected hard by Covid-19 consequences, the last date for ordering hats has been moved from 25/10 to 9/10, this to ensure that the hat is manufactured on time.

Franzéns Hattmakeri, Gothenburg
Mobile: 073-7014309
Email: Website:
Visiting address: Västra Skansgatan 1, Gothenburg (by appointment only)

In order to make sure that the hat fits you, it is a good idea to let a hat maker take your measurements. Otherwise, take the measurements like this:

Ask someone to help you take your measurements, it is difficult to do it yourself. Place the lower part of the measuring-tape on the highest point of one of your eyebrows. Then continue with the measuring-tape backwards to the pointiest tip of the back of your head. Continue from there to the highest point of your other eyebrow and then on until the measuring-tape has made a full circle. The measuring-tape should now be in a horisontal level around your head. Keep the measuring-tape tight and loosen it just a little bit so that it is not too tight, but not so loose that it drops down onto your ears. Take the measurment. The hat maker will then add 0.5 cm to have som margin. Attach photos of yourself, one taken from the front and in profile.

Hat emblem

The hat emblem is specially designed for Linnaeus University and is made of pure gilded silver. The goldsmith manufactures the emblem and sends it directly to Franzéns Hattmakeri. Please order of the hat emblem at the same time as you order your hat.

Contact: Thomsen Guld & Smycken, Växjö
Phone:: 0733-83 93 85

Doctoral ring

A specially designed doctoral ring of 18K gold can be ordered before October 25 from:

Molins Guld & Silver AB, Kalmar
Phone: 0480-104 50 Website:
Visiting adress: Larmgatan 30, Kalmar

Thomsen Guld & Smycken, Växjö
Phone:: 0733-83 93 85

Web presentations

In connection to the Academic Ceremony, following their respective trials, our new professors, honorary doctors, and doctors are presented on Therefore, we ask you to publish a text on your staff page, by January 10, 2021 at the latest, in which you present your research, preferably in popular science style. The text should consist of approximately 200 words. The staff page should also contain a portrait image. If you do not have a suitable image and wish to be photographed, please contact Event Coordinator Christel Olsson

Further queries

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Academic Ceremony, please contact:

Event Coordinator Christel Olsson
Phone: 0480-44 61 62

Communications Office
Phone: 0772-28 80 00

The Academic Ceremony on