Academic ceremony

Academic Ceremony

The Academic Ceremony is a big annual event at Linnaeus University. At the Academic Ceremony, we celebrate the university’s academic achievements through the conferral of new doctors and honorary doctors, the inauguration of new professors, and the bestowal of academic awards. The next Academic Ceremony will take place in Kalmar Friday, January, 31, 2025.

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For those who are to be conferred a doctoral degree or inaugurated as professor

If you have been awarded a doctoral degree or been appointed professor at Linnaeus University in the past year, you are eligible for conferment of your degree/professorial inauguration in Kalmar in 2025.

Invitation and registration

You will receive a formal invitation to your postal adress in mid-November. You will also receive an invitation to take part in the procession. If you are to be conferred your doctoral degree or inaugurated as professor, you are expected to take part in this. The procession, in which all of you will parade into the ceremony hall in a set order, is the starting signal for the entire ceremony.

In order to be inaugurated as professor, you should have been offered and accepted a position as professor sometime between 14 November 2023 and 14 November 2024. Only permanently employed and adjunct professors are inaugurated. Professorial inauguration is entirely voluntary.

In order to be eligible for conferment of a doctoral degree, you should have defended your doctoral thesis and applied for the award of your degree sometime between 14 November 2023 and 14 November 2024.

The Banquet

The ceremony will be followed by a banquet and festivities at Linnaeus University in Växjö. For new doctors and new professors, the banquet is free of charge. You may also invite up to four guests, at a subsidized cost. We recommend that accompanying guests are at least 15 years old. Payment is made by credit card upon registration.

New doctors: your thesis supervisor will not receive a special invitation from us. If you want your supervisor to take part in the celebration you should register them as your guest.


More information will be published here in August/September.