Occupational health services

Occupational health services (Företagshälsovård) assists the University in its preventive work environment efforts and is also a resource in cases of work-related illness and rehabilitation, as well as in crisis situations. Occupational health services includes a company physician, company nurse, psychologist, ergonomist, behavioural scientist and safety engineer.

Linnaeus University engages Falck (formerly Previa), with clinics in Kalmar and Växjö.

Ordering services
Orders for occupational health services are made through the Office of Human Resources that has the overall responsibility for coordinating university resources for occupational health services and other external, related initiatives. In consultation with the responsible manager, the HR partner has a dialog with Falck, which then leads to an order.

Direct contact with occupational health services
Individual employees are entitled to contact Falck on their own for one call or visit per year with either an occupational nurse, physiotherapist, behaviorist or psychologist.

Individual employees also have the opportunity to book an appointment for a Health and Work Environment Profile at Falck. This is a health check-up with a focus on health and lifestyle that aims to create motivation to strengthen health and well-being.

For the Health and Work Environment Profile, the employee completes a digital health questionnaire. The visit includes a check of weight, height, waist size, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, a fitness test and a health interview with a personal health plan.

You can register for the health and safety profile here. 

These contacts can take place without the knowledge of the responsible manager or the HR department. In such cases, the employee contacts Falck via a functional email address:

In the email, the employee writes that they wish to book an appointment on their own with a company nurse, physiotherapist, behavioral scientist or psychologist. Falck then contacts them and the appointment is booked.

Ergonomic workplace review
There may be a need for an ergonomic review of a workplace due to many different events or complaints that arise.

If there is something in your work environment that needs to be adjusted or reviewed, contact your manager or HR-partner so that you can have a dialogue and decide what type of ergonomic review is required.

The first step is to review the basic settings in the existing workplace. The second step is to conduct an ergonomic review via occupational health services.

You can find more information in the section about Ergonomics.