If you are sick or injured, you may need rehabilitation. What measures are deemed necessary for your rehabilitation depends on your needs. As an employer, Linnaeus University is responsible for assisting with the rehabilitation process. It means that your manager will take an active part in conversations and check-up meetings as well as in concrete initiatives designed to facilitate the rehabilitation. Linnaeus University seeks to provide a health-promoting work environment, which also includes paying attention to early signals of ill-health.

Rehabilitation is a generic term used to describe measures of a medical, psychological, social and work-oriented nature, intended to help the sick and the injured to regain the best possible functional and work ability.

The aim of rehabilitation efforts supported by Linnaeus University is for employees, who due to injury or other conditions have had their ability to work impaired, to be able to perform meaningful work, for themselves and for the University – primarily by returning to their regular position.

Support and responsibilities
The employer is responsible for initiating a rehabilitation process when needed. At Linnaeus University, managers with human resource responsibilities also have the responsibility when it comes to rehabilitation. The Office of Human Resources can provide support to departments/units during the rehabilitation process. If an employee is forced to leave their regular position due to rehabilitation reasons, an HR-partner will explore other options. 

As an employee, you are responsible for your own health and you are expected to participate in the rehabilitation process to the best of your abilities. If you encounter problems in your work that you cannot solve alone, contact your manager as soon as possible. As an employee, you must be prepared to change your competence and take on new tasks if disabilities and similar factors have been taken into account.

You can also contact a safety representative or your workers’ union. The unions are tasked with protecting and upholding your rights and opportunities. It is up to you to contact your union representative if you would like the union's support in your rehabilitation process.

The most important things is that you contact someone you trust when you feel that you need support or that any kind of rehabilitative measures need to be taken. It could be a supervisor, a colleague, an HR-partner or a safety representative. Contact with your manager or HR-partner is confidential.

Försäkingskassan is in charge of administering your health insurance. If you have been sick for more than 14 days, the Office of Human Resources will notify Försäkringskassan of your situation. You are then responsible for applying for sickness benefit, and also for making sure that your medical certificate has been sent to Försäkringskassan. Försäkringskassan will assess the person on sick leave’s right to sickness benefit in relation to their ability to work according to the so-called rehabilitation chain. More information about health insurance is available on Försäkringskassan’s website.

Employees at Linnaeus University have a number of benefits that are regulated through special agreements – sick pay, coverage for a certain portion of the costs for doctor visits, hospital care, and compensation for prescription medication covered by the high cost protection, among other things.


As a manager, you can use Adato's support system for issues related to cases of rehabilitation. If you have any questions about the system, please contact your HR-partner.